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Flight Sim World with trueSky

Virtual Skies are Full of Real Idiots

Carenado’s Cessna Skymaster 337 for FSX is a plane I would love to have in FSW, and I am willing to pay premium for it
The level of detail in the planes from Flight Sim World, even in Early Access, has no match
The Cessna 172 from A2A Simulations is another aircraft I would gladly see in Flight Sim World. Here it is flying within the universe of FSX
FSW is in Early Access, meaning there is a lot missing. Reviewing it as if it was a full product makes no sense. Asking for everything to be there on the first day is also… stupid!
I recently bought myself a small private jet for FSX, and I don’t mind paying for similar aircraft for FSW, when it comes. Or any other private jet, as I am not interested in the big planes. But they will be there, somewhere in the future
A little fun with FSW, with one animated GIF showing the smoke from the engine when it starts
The PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight is the first aircraft available for FSW created by another company
FS-Flight Control is an external program that expands what you can do with FSW… and other flight sims. It’s an invaluable piece of software if you want real-world weather, training different types of approaches and much, much more. Read my articles about it and give it a try. You will be hooked.
The Vans RV-7A is a small plane that I knew from seeing it at airshows but was a real discovery in Flight Sim World. It’s a great little plane for flying around and enjoying the scenery.
Flying the Cub in Flight Sim World at sunset



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