Combatting Homelessness with Collaboration and Information Sharing

In any city, tackling homelessness is a multi-agency effort. There are the law enforcement officers who respond to calls about encampments; the food pantry and soup kitchen coordinators who serve people facing homelessness; the social service outreach workers who meet with their clients in the office and at encampments. Every city has its own unique set of passionate people who work to get people facing homelessness the help that they need to get by.

As a result, the map of how a client gets to permanent housing is deeply individual.

Mapping success stories and knowing what works, however, is not an easy task because the data is spread across paper, databases, and agencies. Homelessness crosses city and county lines, and different agencies have different systems of managing information. Assembling information among agencies to map out what worked and what didn’t is invaluable but shouldn’t take weeks to collect and put together data in order to understand the state of homelessness in a city. On top of that, it’s a vital tool and resource to develop new strategies for future clients and for a city to grow and attune to its homeless population.

A city’s new power tool

Outreach Grid brings all the city’s data on homelessness to the table. It was built from the ground up to be used from the top down. We worked with social workers and law enforcement officers alike to create a full-service platform that enables coordinated entry of clients, workflow management and collaboration, and selective information sharing among different agencies, including city management, law enforcement, and social services.

We built this from the ground up to be used from the top down.
Example of Outreach Grid’s dashboard

Camp & Location Mapping and Management 
Track the history of camp locations and outreach efforts. Easily identify trends of camp openings, closings, and re-openings across your city. Outreach Grid records paths via GPS to map out walking paths that are safe for workers to traverse for hard-to-reach camps. 
Custom Surveys 
Every agency will want to know something different about their clients. We import your intake forms to easy-to-input forms in the app.

Data Sharing
Information collected can be restricted and shared among agencies based on custom data-sharing agreements.

Agencies in a city or county can collaborate and share information selectively depending on custom data sharing agreements.

Information System for Coordinated Entry and Continuum of Care
Understand the complete picture of homeless and transient individuals of where they have been encountered and track the progression of their services over time. With data sharing, this information can be updated by multiple agencies to create a real-time pulse on homelessness in the city.
Reports and Workflow Management 
Easily record work done for camps and clients across multiple agencies by updating a task and tagging other outreach workers or employees from another agency. Reports on aggregate data can be generated with just a click of a button. 
On-the-Field Use
Outreach Grid is a mobile-responsive app that you can take with you on the field on your phone or tablet.

Take control over your city’s homelessness data

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