Outreach Grid: Product Updates 7/9/2018


The Blazer Analytics tool allows users to create customized reports using data in the Outreach Grid platform. The Public Dashboard includes reports that are customized by Outreach Grid network superusers that provide a bird’s eye view of homelessness within the jurisdiction. Superusers can now write their own SQL queries on fields available in Outreach Grid to create more in-depth, savable, and printable reports.


Those who are currently experiencing homelessness can now create accounts within Outreach Grid to seek services from outreach agencies. These Applicant accounts allow applicants to keep track of services they’ve received and to upload any documents related to their cases. Applicants first enter their location and then complete a short survey to create an account. Each applicant is given a unique applicant code to be shared with outreach workers. Users can then use this code to create a new client profile or associate the applicant to a client profile already in the Outreach Grid platform and perform or assign action items within that client’s profile.


Outreach grid now offers a new way to contribute to the Outreach Grid network with Contributor accounts. Contributor accounts are limited access accounts that are able to report encampments within the agency group jurisdiction. User and superuser accounts are able to use these camps to create new camps or to merge them with existing camps, and then to assign action items to these camps and associate them with clients. These account types are designed for users who may have the desire to contribute location information without access to client information, such as law and code enforcement.

Selective tooling

Administrators now have the ability to decide which features will be available to user accounts in your jurisdiction. Tools that will not be used by your agency group can be removed and will no longer be available for selection on the navigation bar.

Introduction of Notification Feeds

Notifications are now available along the sidebar as well as via email. Users can choose to be notified about camp creations, client creations, and action items performed within Outreach Grid. Users who work with specific populations can also specify what types of clients they wish to be notified about.