A last update


I feel a little happy and sad writing this last post. My Outreachy internship ended yesterday.

Working as an Outreachy intern has been an absolute pleasure, a big thanks to my mentors — Andy, Don and Susy at Mozilla and Bugmark. The last three months have been an illuminating experience. It was an amazing period and I learnt something useful, new and engaging every week.

Here’s a synopsis of what I did at Bugmark, the snapshots are from my internship presentation to the Bugmark team:

In the last phase of my internship, I worked on the intern application— an application solving a real world problem of unpaid internships, and tested it on our own team. My internship tasks were prioritized through market driven development.

Grafana dashboard for user trading activities during my internship period

You can find more about Bugmark here: https://bugmark.net/ or on Github: https://github.com/bugmark/.

I will keep contributing to Open Source software and Bugmark, whichever field I work in.

If you’re interested in applying to Outreachy, the application period for the December 2018 to March 2019 Outreachy internships will open September 10. Here are some tips while applying:

  • Go through the Outreachy website, check the application requirements and eligibility.
  • Browse all projects, select a few, decide on pursuing the ones you’re really interested in. I decided to focus on one project throughout — this can turn out both ways, it’s always wise to apply to two projects atleast, imho.
  • Contact the mentors. Find a way they prefer to communicate — email, Slack, IRC, Github issues. Always ask questions. This helps, I cannot emphasize enough.
  • Contribute to any issues you can and you find relevant. If you’re stuck, please don’t go underground and emerge after the application period is over. Ask questions, discuss and participate. Don’t worry, Open Source communities love this.
  • Draft the proposal and timeline thoughtfully, with attention to details.
  • Keep contributing even after the application submission deadline. Outreachy has an extensive application period, start early and stay till the end.

If you have any questions about my Outreachy internship — I’d be happy to chat, ping me on twitter!

Goodluck and bye,