Digital tools for change. Digital Disruption Forum Kiev 2017.

We were wondering where and when we will have a chance to first present Outriders internationally. Kiev became that place only two months after announcing our work. As Piotr Andrusieczko, one of our reporters, is based there and we already report from Ukraine — we took as a good sign. This time thanks to Digital Communications Network, yet again, we joined the amazing crowd at Digital Disruption Forum.

That’s the second event organised by DCN we attended. First one was back in February — in Warsaw. In Kiev Jakub was asked in different role — to summarize the whole event and talk more broadly how he sees the intersection of technology and civic engagement and how journalists should approach issues of building audience, fighting propaganda and building trust.

Digital Disruption Forum brought many journos Ukraine and USA together. As well as media practitioners. Aaron Sharockman from Politifact, Kristen Hare from Poynter, Diane LaPosta from CNN, Olena Dub from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty or Julia Salizhenko from

It is really interesting to observe how Ukrainian media scene is developing. Lots of new initiatives, very good events and community spaces are building it to up to one of the leading and most innovative in CEE.

Originally published at on April 5, 2017.

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