Garage begins tuning. Meet the selected media.

Jakub Górnicki
Jul 10 · 3 min read

When we started Media Garage, or actually when the idea for this very experimental and unorthodox model was born, we were curious about what kind of an answer we will receive. What we do is “anti-grant” — we are not seeking yet another great idea, but want to spend time analysing one’s operation, find its weak points and chances we can then later help you improve — both with mentorship and financial aid.

We are delighted together with the Solidarity Fund, who is a great partner in this endeavour — with the whole process so far. Moreover, we are able to propose a new way of helping journalism initiatives in Europe.


Our help will be centred around three key areas:

  • Internal management
  • Editorial processes
  • Fundraising strategies

We have narrowed it to support our participants but also to highlight that we have to focus on them separately and see how each one helps another to create stable organisations. Especially internal management is something very important as usually in average media operations senior staff has little experience in this field. That is not a judgement, we know how such initiatives are created. However, with this fact, we can work and some special time will be devoted to it.

Chosen ones

Today we are pleased to announce that after the application process (written) and in-person meetings with ten selected finalists, we will work with the following organisations in Round 1 of Media Garage:

The Ukrainians

The Ukrainians is an independent Ukrainian media group comprising three online resources: The Ukrainians magazine on social initiative and responsibility, the Reporters. magazine specialising in journalistic literary essays, and the Creatives magazine featuring stories about leaders of the Ukrainian creative industries. The Ukrainians ‘ecosystem’ also includes a Storytelling Studio and the School of Literary Reporting.


#diez is a news website for youth founded in 2013 in Moldova. Every day they try to help the youth of Moldova, so their life will be with a semitone better by info of what is happening, what are the events, what are the opportunities they can take, and what should they know so to be better informed. Diez wants their readers to be proactive, to get involved more, to speak out, to take chances, to have respect for every human being. is an independent media outlet from the Republic of Moldova. It is known for an interest in human rights and gender equality, for its video stories and long reads. Also, is the best and most comprehensive information source about Moldova in the English language. was launched in February 1997, becoming the first website launched by Moldovans.


ShoTam is an independent Ukrainian media, that is focused on positive transitions in their country. They tell about people who somehow positively changed their environment. It could be volunteers, scientists, responsible business, innovative communities, etc.

ShoTam aims — to motivate people to take a more active role in the life of their community and t o encourage people to create their own business and not to be just oligarchs employees.

What’s next?

We will soon have our first meeting in Warsaw, from 15th till 19th July and our work will begin. You should see more results of the process during our international event — Outriders Summit on November 21st and 22nd.

Jakub Górnicki

Written by

Co-founder at — organisation dedicated to strengthening journalism and exploring the world



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