Our reporting project happens NOW on 4 continents

Yes. So many things relate to project which is happening NOW — I don’t know where to begin exactly. In last week’s newsletter, we teased the #DeepBreath project and today I can tell you what it is exactly.

#DeepBreath is a global reporting project about the effects of living in air polluted environments. It combines social media event based on real time reporting and innovative storytelling and will be followed by the release of an interactive reportage.

The project is based on a cross-border collaboration between reporters from 8 countries:

  • Nairobi, Kenya — Brian Otieno,
  • Mexico City, Mexico — Mauricio Palos,
  • Beijing, China — Chiara (nickname)
  • Kabul, Afghanistan — Maria de la Guardia,
  • Kathmandu, Nepal — Benjamin Filarski,
  • Cairo, Egypt- Mahmoud Kattab,
  • Cracow, Poland — Magda Chodownik (Outriders)
  • Mumbai, India — Vishal Manve


You can follow the work of reporters as it unfolds. Eitther check the hashtag #DeepBreath on Twitter or Facebook or go to the specially designed section on our website: http://outride.rs/en/making-of-deepbreath/

In each country, one reporter will cover his/her part of the story i.e. will follow one person who deals with the smog — a doctor, a researcher, a sick person, a factory worker, an activist, etc.

This way, we will be able to show and explain the smog problem from different angles, not only one side and perspective. Our report will combine data journalism with doctors and researchers comments as well as with personal stories of people suffering from air pollution. All in 1. We also made sure to include the countries where environmental issues are still underreported. Putting them together with known as polluted places, will make a bigger impact on people’s awareness concerning the problem.

Our aim is to focus on personal stories of people who deals with often invisible pollution and rethink the way we change the climate as well as the way this change as a consequence change human beings globally.

Originally published at outride.rs on May 5, 2017.