Outriders Labs in Zagreb

Alicja Peszkowska
May 23, 2019 · 2 min read
pic by our new Events Producer, Kasia Białach

Last week we went on tour to two Balkan capitals — first to Zagreb and then to Sarajevo. Just a few hours after we had landed the weather in the region changed. Zagreb experienced powerful winds and heavy rains for some 36 hours straight. The police even issued a warning saying that it was not safe to leave the house unless you really had to… Still, over 60 people showed up at our workshops which we purposely called labs. We were thrilled.

After the rain…

Workshops addressed an overall theme of using new media to tell better stories:

→ The first one was run by Marek Miller, a Google News Lab fellow and focused on Fact-checking & verification

→ The second one, already a classic, by Jakub Górnicki, the Outriders founder, was all about storytelling with Instagram Stories

→ During the last workshop, Jacopo Ottaviani from Code for Africa shared tips and tools for data journalists

a little sneak peek into trainers’ resources

Outriders Labs is a new format of ours and a response to a significant interest in learning more about specific new media tools and how journalists can use them effectively. Next season we are planning on organizing fewer and bigger meetups while continuing to be on a constant move with labs. The plan for the upcoming summer is to regroup and design an educational program & toolkits which we can share with you during the labs. Stay tuned!

This list of Data links by Jacopo is available online

Big thank you to the Impact Hub in Zagreb for hosting the event, and to Tamara Puhovski, the CEO of Propuh, a satirist Borna Sor, and Ivan Blazevic for helping to spread the word about labs!

Outriders Labs at the Impact Hub in Zagreb


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