Outriders Meetup @POINT: Elections Coverage

Alicja Peszkowska
Jun 6, 2019 · 7 min read
photo by Vanja Čerimagić

Between 16th and 18th of May, we traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, for an annual regional gathering of activists, techies, policy makers, and journalists, which focuses on political accountability and new technologies. We hosted a session on the conference’s main stage where a fact-checker Verda Uyar, a journalist Nastya Stanko, and a data journalist Jacopo Ottaviani shared their perspective and experience with election-related coverage.

On the next day, we have hosted two Outriders Lab workshops: one on fact-checking and verification run by Marek Miller (Google News Lab), and another one on data Journalism and Agility run by aforementioned Jacopo.

Below, you can find the coverage of our session with the videos of the talks. If you’d like to read how the organisers described what issues we tackled, you can check their article about us here.

Verda Uyar, Doğruluk Payi (Turkey): “Doğruluk Payi means a share of truth”

photo by Vanja Čerimagić

Anastasiia Stanko, Hromadske (Ukraine): “It is both about populism, of course, but also about the hunger people have for change”

photo by Vanja Čerimagić

Jacopo Ottaviani, Code for Africa (Italy): “Elections coverage could be something that happens on the ongoing basis”

photo by Vanja Čerimagić

A week after Sarajevo, we went to the Lviv Media Forum in Ukraine to talk about Interactive Reporting. Stay tuned, the coverage from this meetup is coming up soon!


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