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Putting all pieces together. How to make three reportagers with a group of 30 people

Rafał Hetman
Sep 23, 2018 · 3 min read

No doubt, it is a challenge — to create three interactive reportages in four months. We are doing this. In Kalisz, one of the oldest polish town located in the center of Poland, where we run workshops on interactive reportage.


In the middle of August, we came to Kalisz and met with a group of about twenty people who came to the workshop. The group included university students, high school students, young journalists, teachers and activists form the town. Together, we had to come up with topics for three interactive reportages and start working on them. The project was carried on by Outriders and FRIK Foundation.


The plan was: we have three weekends when Outriders comes to Kalisz to work on topics — during first weekend we choose topics and split tasks, next weekends we work with the material have and during weeks participants collect materials for reportages, do interviews, take photos and videos.

But at the beginning, in the first part of the workshop, Jakub Górnicki and Rafał Hetman explained to the participants what is interactive reportage, how to create a story and they presented some interesting interactive reportages.

One of the most difficult stage of working on reportages was the selection of topics. Participants had a lot of ideas. Most were very interesting. But not all of them could be done. Our task as the workshop leaders was to explain to the participants why we should give up some topics — the main reason was the limited time that we have for the preparation of reports, or limited resources.

After long discussions, we chose three themes: a story about craftsmen building pianos (Kalisz his famous for their production), the history of the Babinek channel buried by the Nazis during the war and story about old buildings in Kalisz, hiding mysteries unknown even to the residents of the town.


When we had topics, we had to think with participants how to work on them. We had to think about what exactly we want to write about, who exactly we want to talk with, what exactly photo, audio and video we needed.

And it was again one of the most difficult stage of whole process. First we had to think about how much material participants could gather for only three weeks. Secondly, the content is not everything, we had to think about the form of reportages. That’s why during two weekends Arek Sołdon, our graphic designer, was with us. Arek also talked with the participants about how reportages should look. It was very interesting when participants confronted their ideas about content with ideas about form.


After three weeks of cooperation (during weekends in Kalisz and during a week of remote work), participants managed to collect almost all of the planned material — texts, photos and videos. Now we, the whole Outriders team, have to put all these pieces together and code whole three stories. Interactive reportages about Kalisz will appear in late autumn 2018. Stay tuned!


Original reporting. Global perspective. Innovative storytelling.

Rafał Hetman

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Original reporting. Global perspective. Innovative storytelling.

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