We are looking for Senior Designer

Jakub Górnicki
May 21, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo: Marcin Suder

Who are Outriders?

At Outriders, we believe in strengthening the power of journalism to explain the complexities of the world. Our organisation supports journalism globally through a variety of projects: outride.rs (our online magazine), Outriders Studio (using our know-how to build custom projects with our partners), Outriders Network (an international knowledge sharing platform for journalists), and Wachlarz (a grass-roots community of travellers and reporters).

Whom are we looking for?

Design is core and center to our work. It combines our reporting job with interactivity, look and user’s needs to better understand story. We publish Outride.rs — award winning publication which produces interactive reporting both in Polish and English. We look at trends and try to create our own or break those existing. We compete with the best media outlets all around the world with quality of our work.

Your primary job will be working on design for our interactive stories for Outride.rs. You will have to take a lead but also be part of the team.

Your work will be exciting, international, challenging and mission-driven. You will be working with people from different countries and different backgrounds — it will definitely prove difficult at times, but we promise you won’t be bored. You will be able to express your creative and strategic side, but we will also need you to be highly organised and adaptive project manager. It would be best if you were adaptive to the ever-changing circumstances of producing stories across countries, organisations, and professions.

  • Proven experience in working on multimedia projects,
  • Thinking in multi-media way — combining sound, video, photography, interactivity, text, 360, drones and many others
  • We have “two way thinking” method of work — sometimes design drives the story, sometimes content. In most cases we begin from scratch and have to adapt for various needs — whether designer or reporter. That is nature of our job.
  • Following trends in design, media and technology
  • You have a good command of English (you will be expected to present, write and manage things in English)
  • You understand we are in journalism. Our job is sometimes planned for us when important events occur.
  • You are proactive and solutions-oriented, we won’t always be ready to discuss all the options before you make a decision
  • You are okay with debating various ideas, fighting for yours but being open for input from team
  • You can be diplomatic and have overall outstanding communications and negotiations skills

What are we offering?

A full-time contract for a year with a growing, international journalism organisation and the support of a creative and dynamic team. We are based in Warsaw — and if you are here — that’s great. But it’s not a must. We do work remotely and if you prefer to work this way you should have already tried it before and know how to schedule your work and keep team included in it.

How to apply?

Send your

  • An up-to-date CV (in English) along with
  • A short portfolio of minimum five projects you worked on (can be simply links or in PDF)
  • A brief motivational letter where you explain why would you like to join our team, what you expect to excel in and what do you think will result challenging for you

To team@weareoutriders.com

The deadline for applying is June 17th, midnight.


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