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Outsource Global wins the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Service Export Sector at the NPNEN Annual Non-Oil Export Conference, Exhibition and Awards 2021.

The award was presented by the Network of Practicing Non-Oil Exporters of Nigeria President, Alhaji Ahmad Rabiu to Amal Hassan at the NECEA event in FCT, Abuja.

NPNEN Annual Non-Oil Export Conference, Exhibition and Awards 2021 discussed Nigeria’s Non-oil export sector, improving its competitiveness, rescuing the economy through AfCFTA and other non-oil export enabling windows. It also showcased live exhibitions of different Nigerian products and services from various sectors that are being exported to the international markets amongst others.

One of the principal objectives of the network is to engage with public sector regulatory agencies and export trade support institutions to craft strategies, programs and activities that will lead to an increase in Nigeria’s participation in global trade, with the direct impact being an enhancement of foreign exchange earnings from the non-oil export sector. The flagship event, which is also the vehicle for actualizing the objective is the annual Non-oil Export Conference, Exhibition and Awards (NECEA)

Outsource Global as Service Company has embarked on the mission to accelerate sales growth for their partners, via assisting firms to acquire new customers while reducing the costs of back-office, generate revenue and customer service staff.




We are Africa’s leading business and knowledge process outsourcing company, serving clients in the US, UK and Japan.    We are the first IAOP compliant commercial call Centre in West Africa, and the first Nigerian international call Centre serving the UK & US markets.

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