The Best 8 Moments of OutSystems Engineering in 2017

What a ride. 2017 has been a challenging and powerful year. Our engineers got to be as innovative and creative as ever, crafting the future of low-code development.

Here are some of our best moments.

Tiago Simões, Principal Product Designer
My heart grew when I had the chance to meet a former economist and a former chemical engineer who are now developers because of OutSystems. It looks like that vision that we’ve been working on over the past 16 years — that anyone should be able to use computers, in a smarter way, to make the future happen faster — has finally reached a turning point.

Solange Ferreira, Solutions Team Product Owner
2017 was my first full year at OutSystems Engineering. What a challenge! Such amazing people! What I love the most is to solve customers’ problems. Especially if I get to do it with a passionate and driven team. I’m really proud of the work I got to do with the Silk teams, and now with the Solutions team. We work collaboratively with Product Management to understand customers’ needs, aligned with our global strategic goals. It is so rewarding to receive a challenge, create a goal and successfully deliver a solution to address it. In August, I received a new challenge: to set up a team. Now, it’s amazing to see them being consistent, highly-skilled and happy!

Nuno Maurício, App Backend Team Captain
OutSystems Engineering went through a deep reorganization that would allow us to better adapt to the future and to the vision we have for our amazing product. As a consequence, my team was made up of incredible and determined people, with different and strong opinions that are not easily swayed. So I had the challenge of turning this group of very different people into a team — in the true sense of the word — while delivering new features that would highly impact our customers. After many conversations about value, processes, responsibilities and everything that an OutSystems team requires, we became a well-organized, focused and disciplined team. 
This is only possible when you work with people who aim to be the best and want to improve everything around them.

Stoyan Garbatov, Runtime Core and Server Core Product Owner
This is more of an ongoing highlight — knowing that what we do has real impact on other people’s lives. It is more than having a great product, it is about being part of a great team with whom you get to deliver it.

Romeo Mlinar, Technical Writer
The highlight of 2017 is not related to a single month or a single day, but an overall sense of achievement from several accomplishments. Primarily, I am proud that we supported developers in building the apps that they envisioned. This meant being perceptive of our skilled, expert, and humble R&D team with all of its wonderful eccentricities, and at the same time advocating for the user. I am proud we, as a team, achieved our goals while working within a dynamic methodology and with top technology.

Miguel João, Cloud System Owner
Being at the center of the technical design and implementation of a new innovative cloud offer, was a roller-coaster of technical challenges that fed the geek in me. But the highlight of this initiative was the higher than expected level of adoption for the early access program of this new offer. Delivering the right value fast and with quality does pump my dopamine levels. It feels great to continue to take this initiative to the final generally available release.

Eduardo Andrade, People Success Manager
I would say that the best moment in 2017 was our first edition of Careers Week. We keep adding talent to our super talented teams at a very high speed. Once at OutSystems you have a world full of possibilities to keep developing your skills, to keep growing and doing what makes you happy. Our career model helps you visualize which path to choose to get where you want to be. 
If you feel like you want to try something different or during your career journey you find your passion, most likely you will find a new opportunity at OutSystems.

Nuno Antunes, VP of Engineering
In 2017 I was lucky to witness many moments where sheer talent, hard work, and strong commitment made me feel extremely proud to be part of this amazing team. From innovative solutions like the new mobile debugger to raising the bar of our recent mobile offer to successfully support world-class B2C apps. This year, we launched a security hardened, SOC2 compliant Cloud offer. We improved our internal processes and product metrics to release faster and better. The list goes on and on.
Last but certainly not least, changing our organization and our processes to deliver value faster, better, and more. The process was challenging, but we stuck to our beliefs, and at the end of the day we prevailed. You can now see the enthusiasm on every face as the results start to pop up everywhere.
One of the visible faces of this success is the new Product Updates page. A place where we can finally share with the world and be proud of all the value being delivered to our Customers.
By the way… Let’s have 100 product updates in 2018!!

Thank you for an amazing 2017!

Do you have a 2017 moment you cannot wait to share? Leave a comment below!