4 Stages of App Creation for Avoiding 5 Stages of Grief

Great app creation can seem elusive when everyone is coming to you with different requirements. The pressure can be so intense and the timelines so short that you’re tempted to take shortcuts. Do that, however, and you might end up experiencing the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Instead, take a deep breath. Smile at everyone asking for “just one more thing.” Remind yourself that there are 4 stages of great mobile app creation. Yes, you know you know them. But, they’ve gotten a little lost in the shuffle. In fact, you might have tried to skip one or two to speed things up. That can lead to trouble.

Great App Creation Stage 1: UX

It all starts with user experience.

There’s no way you can skip past this stage and have a great mobile app. This is the low-fidelity part of the program.

You devise something simple that has some of the app’s characteristics and can test broad concepts for answering some familiar questions. What type of experience do users need and want? Where do they want buttons? Do they need sliders?

Great App Creation Stage 2: UI

Now that you know what will make your users fall in love with your app, it’s time to put on its “makeup” or — in app development terms — user interface. This is the high-fidelity portion of mobile app creation. Images that evoke positive emotional responses, uncluttered screens, eye candy and recognizable icons create something that’s gorgeous but familiar to users.

You can apply your artistry, for sure. But you also have the option of checking out libraries of UI components to make parts of it easier. We know one such library that’s really great.

Great App Creation Stage 3: Front-End

So, the work of taking the user experience and turning it into the Picasso masterpiece of mobile apps is done. Now it’s time to make sure that when someone touches that image of a soaring eagle, swipes that screen or taps that empty field, everything does what it’s supposed to.

Enter the front end with its HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If your app were a human body, this would be the bone structure behind the pretty face. Without it, users might as well be admiring a painting in an art gallery.

Great App Creation Stage 4: Back-End

Without the back-end, your app is nothing but a sloth-like creature snoozing on a device. It can’t fetch data or connect with a contacts list. It can’t broadcast alerts or let someone know where, in that underground tunnel, there’s a pipe that needs maintenance.

It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that what the user sees and touches makes your app, but the fact of the matter is — smooth and quick integration with back-end databases and logic is what ultimately keeps them going back for more.

We understand that it can be difficult and frustrating, but a perfect back-end, in the end, is what will lead to adoption. Your users become your biggest fans. No movement from denial to acceptance happens here.

Is There a 4 Stages Poster?

Right here.

You can also download and print it from here.

And with this poster, you can forget all about the 5 stages of grief — for mobile app creation, at least.

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Menno Cramer | UX Expert at OutSystems