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5 Pulse-Pounding Action Movies Not on Netflix or Hulu

From whaling misadventures to bloodthirsty assassins, you won’t find these movies on any other service

Each week here at Tribeca Shortlist we’re dedicated to calling to your attention a collection of movies worth watching that you won’t find streaming anywhere else. From incredible documentaries to movies that pack on the star power, we want you to know there’s always something amazing and unique streaming on Tribeca Shortlist. This week, just in time for the bevy of amazing summer action flicks about to swarm theaters, we’re taking a look at five incredible action movies you’ll only find streaming here. Grab the popcorn, because these movies are pure entertainment!

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Click to stream ‘War’ (Lionsgate)

After his partner and family are murdered, FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) becomes obsessed with revenge against their killer, an infamous and elusive assassin named Rogue (Jet Li). But when Rogue eventually resurfaces years later to settle a score of his own, he sets off a violent mob war that reveals the truth of their shared past. This movie’s exactly what you’d expect from the reunion of Statham and Li, pure action and incredibly choreographed fight sequences. It’s a thrill-ride all the way through.

Moby Dick

Click to stream ‘Moby Dick’ (MGM)

The obsessed, one-legged captain of a whaling ship spreads his mania throughout his crew. Look at this star-studded cast and crew: Director John Huston works from a script by author Ray Bradbury and puts Gregory Peck at the ship’s wheel with Orson Welles delivering a luminous cameo. If your action tastes run a little more old-school than War, this is a must-watch.

King of the Mountain

Click to stream ‘King of the Mountain’ (Lionsgate)

Harry Hamlin and Dennis Hopper have a serious need for speed in this early-‘80s cult classic. Hamlin is Steve, reigning “King of the Mountain” and leader of a group who race their sports cars on LA’s dangerously winding Mulholland Drive. This movie was one of the first films to focus on street racing, and was based on real events. So if fast cars and dangerous drives are your thing, just remember: we probably wouldn’t have the Fast and Furious franchise without King of the Mountain.

Sleepless Night

Click to stream ‘Sleepless Night’ (Tribeca Film)

Want to see how another country handles a “fight-and-chase” movie ala Crank or Taken? Check out Sleepless Night. Vincent is a corrupt cop trying to save his son who has been kidnapped and held for ransom by a powerful drug lord. From director Frédéric Jardin, this adrenaline-soaked French thriller expertly choreographs a dizzying number of fight and chase scenes from beginning to end.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Click to stream ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance’ (Kino Lorber)

A deaf-mute factory worker tries to help his sister in need of a kidney transplant. After being stiffed by an organ dealer, he kicks things up a notch. Korean director Park Chan-wook, rightfully known for stylish craftsmanship, delivers the first film in his Vengeance Trilogy. This movie manages something that plenty of other action movies can’t quite master—it mixes high action and brutal violence with deep sympathy (as the title suggests) for its well-written characters.

Don’t sit around waiting for these exciting entries to hit other services, stream them and plenty of other action films, romances, comedies, and documentaries on Tribeca Shortlist now!




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