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Thinking about how to land your dream job in 2023? Outtalent is accepting applications from students!

Our program was designed for female Computer Science students graduating in 2023, apply now!

The Butterfly Nebula was ejected from a dying star that was once about five times the mass of the Sun.

Outtalent is a career accelerator — a mentorship program focused on people’s careers and inspired by startup accelerators like YCombinator. We are an online career accelerator designed to help the top 1% of software engineers from all countries get jobs at top 10 companies.

In 2021 we launched the first batch aimed exclusively at female developers. It was something new for us, and we were up for the challenge. It's been quite a journey, and we were honored to witness 3 batches of 25 amazing women who trusted us with their careers.

The first batch to finish our program was the one made solely of New Grads. They were 11 young women graduating in 2022 with Bachelor or Masters’ degrees in Computer Science, set on competing for entry-level positions at the world's top tech companies.

They finished fast partly because of the clear deadlines of the hiring season: every fall students from all over the world apply to the world’s top tech companies. It's common knowledge that new grad roles get several times more applicants per role, but our batch succeeded big time.

A few companies are still interviewing, but our results so far speak to the quality of the program we are building, and to the discipline and determination of our fellows: 8 Wonder New Grads received offers from top companies they chose, from companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Stripe, Microsoft and Booking.

On that note, we are happy to announce applications for the 2023 New Grad program are open.

The Program

Wonder is our women-only, 9-month online program of weekly meetings, seminars, one-on-one mock interviews, and mentoring. We use a systematic approach and ongoing support to help young female developers start their lives as Software Engineers at companies like Google and Facebook.

The Business Model

We want to succeed only if you succeed, and we want to invest in long-term relationships with our fellows. Our business model reflects that. Fellows pay 10% of their base salary (excluding bonuses, stock etc.) only if and after they land a full-time job at a company they chose before starting our program.

The Requirements

We are looking for ambitious female students who:

  • Can successfully articulate their thoughts in English
  • Will graduate in 2023 (Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science)
  • Have good foundations of common data types and data structures, and object-oriented programming principles
  • Have already had an internship or equivalent experience

Apply Now

We are proud to have created a safe space for women to learn and grow, and it was incredibly rewarding to see them improve their skills and confidence. But above all, it was amazing to see them supporting each other during the highs and lows of the preparation process.

If you know women who meet the criteria, please ask them to fill out this form (https://outtalent.com/check). Note that this is the same form we use to receive all other applications, regardless of gender, so if you think someone you know may benefit from a program like ours, you can share this form with them. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Psst! We are always interested in meeting amazing people who will help shape our community. So if you think you are (or know someone who would be) perfect for this program, but is not female, fill out the form and maybe we can catch up!

Team Outtalent




Outtalent helps software engineers around the world get jobs at top 10 companies of their choice. The program covers distributed system design, algorithms, data structures, behavioral interview preparation, resume writing, and salary negotiation.

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Ana Ghidelli

Ana Ghidelli

Ana Ghidelli is a founding mentor at Outtalent, a career accelerator that helps engineers around the world get jobs at top 10 companies.

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