Our Story

An SMS from a trusted contact gets out the vote better than 13,000 ads. To see which friends are registered where, and automate some of the process, try our app.

June 2016

Determined to help shift the political tide in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, Outvote founder Naseem Makiya left his job at the education tech start-up Datacamp. Naseem was quickly introduced to Cambridge City Councillor Nadeem Mazen. A strong proponent of relational organizing, Nadeem won the most votes out of all nine city councillors his second election. He achieved this by texting and knocking on doors to get to know his constituents. Nadeem and Naseem teamed up on a series of community-organizing software projects during Nadeem’s two council terms. Out of this work came Outvote’s core concept of relational organizing through friend-to-friend texting.

Outvote is different because it’s a tool that helps individual voters reach out to their own personal acquaintances, family and friends. 

November 2017

Nadeem and Naseem piloted Outvote in Cambridge, Massachusetts during the November 2017 election. All four candidates using Outvote won, including three financial underdogs. Millennials contacted on Outvote were twice as likely to vote, and non-millennials were 50% more likely. The success in Cambridge inspired the team to tackle the 2018 Midterm Elections on a national scale.

Click to see how Outvote helped elect new kinds of candidates last November.


Outvote has now relocated from Cambridge MA to Silicon Valley. With support from the prestigious incubator Y Combinator, the team is ramping-up for the 2018 midterms. Outvote is running pilots for Democratic primary campaigns across the country. These pilots are delivering invaluable feedback that strengthens the tool for the midterms. Outvote is focused on deploying the platform in races across the country so that anyone, anywhere can plug in and help.

About the App

Outvote is free to download and available on both iOS and Android. Users can search for local campaigns based on their zip codes. Outvote helps users select contacts that are eligible to vote in a given race. Users then get one-touch templates for sending election reminders and recruit fellow activists. Outvote wants to bring campaigning back to word-of-mouth, one download at a time. Our partners include: The Movement Cooperative, Represent.Us, Flippable, the DNC, Vote.org and Swing Left. We hope this coalition of blue tech and grassroots organizing can help usher in a new kind of candidate. We’re proud to work for a crop of candidates that advance tolerance, empowerment, dignity and a respect for of fundamental rights for all.