How I Increased Testosterone Aged 45 Naturally

Boosting Testosterone can fix your low mood/energy, loss of muscle, weight gain, sleep problems and help you thrive

Chris Davidson
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5 min readMay 24, 2022


Author. “Body of a 25 year old, but your face is definitely 45…” — Author’s wife quote.

A lot of guys aren’t even aware that they have low testosterone symptoms.

They just think:

“This is a sign of getting old. I’m older, I’m grumpier, I have low energy, I’m losing muscle. I’m gaining weight. This is just what happens to guys like me, the same thing happened to my dad...”.

The thing is, that’s not the case.

I found this out for myself when I had a home blood test and found that all the symptoms I was suffering from were actually a result of having low free testosterone levels.

Lo and behold, by making a few simple lifestyle changes, I managed to turn things around to the point now where I don’t feel remotely 45, and am in better shape than at 25.

Yes, I know my face looks 45, as my wife keeps telling me… but I certainly don’t feel it!

I wanted to share the 5 main lifestyle changes I made to reverse my low testosterone symptoms, so you too can get back that energy and drive, and become more motivated to look after your health, fitness and wellbeing again.

1. Cortisol

More likely than not your cortisol levels, your stress hormones, are too high. That’s because life at our age is a bit more stressful.

We also don’t tend to look after ourselves particularly well — we don’t get good quality sleep, we probably drink booze a little bit more too, which interrupts your sleep.

I tried to find simple ways to de-stress:

  • Getting out for a walk
  • Taking a bit of time for myself during the day
  • Cutting back on things like caffeine and booze, which were stopping me getting a decent amount of sleep.

I also looked into supplementation, and found that Ashwaghanda worked well to decrease my cortisol levels, which in turn helped get my testosterone levels back to where they should have been.

2. Estrogen, Booze & Junk



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