Week 4 —Lightning Talks

Monsurat’s Lightning Talk Slides

Monsurat did a great lightening talk to the class about a tool that we’ve been using — MapBox. It’s an alternative to the Google Maps API that’s really easy to customize and will allow us to use the map within our app as opposed to opening a separate application. Check out her presentation here!

For our app, Monsurat adjusted the experience so that upon arrival at a site, the navigation will stop. After the user is done listening to the information about the site, they will select their next site and start a new navigation. This way the navigation won’t keep re-routing as you walk around the site.

Anna worked with Monsurat to finish up the staggered list view. On this page, users will be able to select the locations they would like to visit.

Staggered list layout view that shows all the potential locations that a user can visit on the tour.

The images on the version above are placeholders. Our contact from the Medford Historical Society responded with some more information about each site and some historical photos that we can use. Monsurat created a droplet on Digital Ocean with a LAMP installation and installed a Directus instance on it. Rebecca will be finalizing all the photos and descriptions and storing them into the MySQL database using the Directus CMS hosted on our droplet. She also has the audio files up and running! Anna will follow up with Medford Historical Society to make sure we have permission to use the photos and descriptions.

Potential color palette for our app. Anna will work on mockups of our app using these colors for next week.

For next week, we’re working on merging our three parts together: the site selection, the map, and the description of each site. We’re going to replace all our dummy data and make sure each activity passes on the right information to the next.