Why is Getting Anger Out of Us So Good?

Maybe because we are overcoming evil

Órla K.
Overcomers Digest
2 min readMar 16, 2024


Image by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Our emotions are complex

We don’t fully understand ourselves

But we know when we feel hurt

and it is difficult to accept

when we are wronged.

For many years, I just let it go

I was hurt, betrayed, and wronged

by many

I cried and moved on.

That worked most of the time

But, what about the wounds

that got lodged deeper

within the walls of my heart?

What does old anger look like?

This was interesting for me

as I found an old block of pain

within my soul,

left there from an unromantic

“romantic relationship.”

How on earth did I let

such a dead soul into my life?

How did I let that person in close?

It was hard for me

not knowing how dark and

dangerous some souls can be.

They want to inflict pain on you

to release the pain that was

inflicted on them.

To pass it on I suppose.

Maybe he felt if I can hurt her

as I was hurt

then I will feel better.

I will get my power back.

So, as I worked on chipping

away at this hard block of anger

in my soul

I conclude that he could not

carry the burden of his pain


that it was easier for him to find

another soul to take this burden

off of him.

So, Lord...

just like you took the sins of the world

onto you

maybe I too can be the one to take that

burden off of him

I can take his hard heart

and wounds from his past

over to you.

At least he got some of it

out of him

and onto me.

And now I can give it

all to you.

Thank you, Lord.




Órla K.
Overcomers Digest

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