DIY FJ Cruiser Roof Rack Axe, Shovel and Tool Mount

There are expensive solutions out there that allow you to mount a shovel (albeit usually a smaller shovel) and an axe to the roof rack of your truck or SUV. These can easily run anywhere from $100 to a couple hundred dollars.

This particular guide is tailored for an FJ Cruiser. We were inspired from a great article we found here and put a tiny spin on it.

We used the suggested “quick fist” clamps for tool mounts, some conduit hangers (instead of split ring hangers as they seem to fit better), and some Rust-stop and Plasti-dip to finish it off.

Parts list for 1 tool mount:

  1. (2) 1 ½" Conduit Hangers — $2 (99¢ ea)
  2. (2) 1/4-20 x 3/4" Carriage bolts, (2) 1/4–1" Hex cap screws, (4) 1/4 split lock washers, (4) 1/4–20 hex nuts, (4) 1/4 Flat washers — $2.24
  3. (2) Quick fist tool grips — $15 (pack of 2 on amazon)
  4. (1) Can Rust-stop spray paint (looks great and, well, stops rust) — $5
  5. (1) Can Plast-dip spray (optional, good for rubberized coating between hanger and roof rack bar) — $5

Total: ~$30.00

Hardware order: (top-to-bottom): Hex cap screw, flat washer, rubber quick fist, conduit hanger, flat washer, split lock washer, hex bolt. Mount with square hole on bottom for easier access to hex bolt later when attaching to roof rack.
Spray with a couple coats of Rust Stop and optionally some Plasti-Dip for a protective coating and slick look
Clamp onto roof rack bars and tighten until conduit hangers are almost completely clamped together
Order of hardware (bottom-to-top): Carriage bolt, conduit hanger (square hole on bottom), split lock washer, hex nut. These were mounted upside down because it’s easier to reach the hex nut when it’s on top and you’re reaching over the roof.
Mount the tools that are too dirty or awkward to fit inside your vehicle. Done!