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OverProtocol Closed Beta Testnet
Who: 2,300 Users from 120+ Countries
When: October 25th, 01:00 UTC — November 1st, 05:00 UTC, 2023
Where: On your PCs.
What: Use the OverNode application- Install, activate, stake, validate, report issues etc.
Why: To conduct a stress test before the public incentivized testnet launches in December with global users.
How: Check this article.

  • Be aware of your internet plan. We recommend keeping the node on around the clock. If your internet plan doesn’t have a fixed charge, it might cost more than average.
  • During the closed beta testnet, there are three phases and final review. Feel free to send a [Bug Report] related to each phase if you encounter any issues.
  • Gathering reports is the heart and soul of this testnet. Every piece of feedback you provide is invaluable. It helps us refine and improve the OverProtocol. Your input makes the experience even better for everyone.
    *Please check FAQ here:

Hello, World.
Welcome to OverProtocol Closed Beta Testnet.
This is all about how to take one small step.

Before you start

  1. Join OverProtocol Official Discord using the Discord Username you submitted on the application form.
  2. You’ll receive the [Beta Tester] role.
  3. Look for the [CLOSED BETA TESTNET] category. You can chat freely here during the testnet period.
  4. Please pay attention to the [announcements] channel. We will share all the surveys, including [Get TEST $OVER], [Bug Report], and [Final Review], in this channel.

(Beginning) Oct. 25th 01:00 UTC — Oct. 26th 01:00 UTC

Phase 1: Install OverNode, create your account, and request TEST $OVER

  1. After October 25th, 01:00 UTC, check your Gmail. When the testnet goes live, We will send a download link to the Gmail address you provided in the application form.
  2. Please download OverNode and install it on your PC. Run the application and create your account. For guidance, refer to this tutorial video.
    *NEVER Forget Your Password. No Way to Recovery for This Testnet.
  3. If you encounter any issues during this phase, please send us a [Bug Report]. Once you’ve successfully created an account, fill out the [Get TEST $OVER] form.

Oct. 26th 01:00 UTC — Oct. 27th 01:00 UTC

Phase 2: Get TEST $OVER & Stake it to be a Validator

  1. We will begin sending TEST $OVER to your account after October 26th, 01:00 UTC.
  2. Once you receive TEST $OVER, please stake it to become a validator and remain online. Refer to this tutorial video for guidance.
    *If you delete OverNode app, You’ll lose your TEST $OVER. No Way to Recovery for This Testnet.
  3. If you haven’t received TEST $OVER by October 27th, 01:00 UTC, please check the [announcements] channel afterward and submit a new request form.

Oct. 27th 01:00 UTC — Nov. 1st 05:00 UTC (The End)

Phase 3: Be a Validator & Monitor Your Status

  1. If a large number of validators register simultaneously, the time until activation will be longer, potentially taking several hours or even a full day.
  2. After your validator is activated, you can monitor all its statuses on the Validator page.
  3. Please pay attention to the [announcements] channel. We will share a Google form for the final review.

— Nov. 11st

The Final Review

  • Gathering reports is the heart and soul of this testnet. Every piece of feedback you provide is invaluable — it aids us in refining and enhancing the OverProtocol collectively.
  • Please submit any comments through the Google form. Your insights contribute to a richer experience for everyone.
  • We’re eager to have an online interview with you. If you’ve enjoyed the process, share deeper insights with us via a video call. Further details can be found in the form.

What is OverProtocol ?

  • A blockchain network committed to fostering a truly decentralized ecosystem, allowing anyone to serve as a validator.
  • Leveraging ‘Ethanos’, an innovative node optimization technology, it empowers individuals to operate full nodes from their home desktops.
  • Driven by the vision of decentralization, OverProtocol aspires to place the power of a new internet right in your hands.


  • Node client designed to help users run Over Protocol nodes on their personal computers.
  • Featuring an intuitive UX/UI, OverNode allows anyone to seamlessly become a validator for Over Protocol, no computer science background required.
  • Its official launch is set for the first quarter of the upcoming year.

Still alone? Hang out with us!

  • X, Feel free to tag @overprotocol
  • Discord, Chat, Chat, Chat…Open 24 hours.
  • Youtube, Gonna steal your 1 minute.
  • Instagram, Let’s visualize the future of OverProtocol.



Over Protocol
Over Protocol

Layer 1 providing lightweight full nodes. Running a node on your device is now easier than ever.