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Review of OBT Season 1

We are happy to announce the successful completion of our first testnet. This test was an important milestone for OverProtocol’s goal of building a decentralized network. We sincerely thank you for your active participation and feedback.

Overview of Testnet Participation

  • We had a total of 43,000 participants in our testnet, which is a significant number. This shows a high level of interest and engagement in our project.
  • Out of these, 12,500 people had the experience of operating a validator from their homes, indicating good participation in the core activities of the testnet.
  • 9,300 participants took part in our survey, providing us with valuable feedback.
  • In terms of participant distribution, 90% were male and 10% were female, mostly young people in their 20s and 30s. Geographically, the participation was mainly from Asia (50.2%), followed by Europe (20.9%), Africa (11.4%), America (6.1%), and a small percentage from Oceania (0.24%).

Analysis of Testnet Satisfaction Survey

  • Feedback Highlights: Good scores for node installation, data monitoring, mission participation, and UX/UI.
  • Areas for Improvement: Node synchronization

Areas of Strength (Scores above 4/5)

  1. Node Installation (4.17/5): Participants found installing nodes to be a smooth process. We plan to maintain and possibly enhance this experience.
  2. Data Monitoring (4.01/5): This is another strong area. We’ll continue to ensure that monitoring data is user-friendly and efficient.
  3. Mission Participation (4.25/5): Participants were highly satisfied with engaging in missions, indicating that our tasks and challenges are well-received.
  4. UX/UI (4.21/5): A high score here suggests that users find our user interface and overall user experience to be very good. We aim to keep this standard and innovate further.

Areas for Improvement (Scores below 4/5)

  1. Node Sync (3.14/5): This is an area we need to focus on. We’ll work on making node synchronization more efficient and user-friendly.
  2. Validator Application (3.64/5): Although not far from 4, we see room for improvement in the process of applying to be a validator.
  3. Customer Service (CS) (3.69/5): We will aim to enhance our customer service to ensure better user support and satisfaction.
  4. OBT#1 (3.86/5): We’re close to the 4 mark here, but we’ll work on making the OBT#2 experience smoother and more engaging.

In summary, while we’ve done well in areas like node installation and UX/UI, we recognize the need to improve node sync. We’re committed to addressing these areas to enhance the overall user experience in our upcoming testnet, scheduled for February.

Thank you once again for your ongoing interest and participation. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming testnet!

Live Q&A

Note: This summary is based on the Instagram live Q&A session on Jan 4th, that conducted by Ben, the founder of Superblock, a core contributor to OverProtocol. The information is subject to change and should be verified for the latest updates.

🇶 Will there be more opportunities to participate in the Open Beta Test?
🇦 Yes, the Open Beta Test season 2 will be open upcoming February.

🇶 What is the plan regarding the OverWallet and OverPoints?
🇦 Over Points in the Over Wallet will convert to Over Tokens upon the mainnet launch. The exchange ratio is being calculated and will be announced at the mainnet launch.

🇶 What are the plans for Referrals and KYC?
🇦 Referrals will be converted to Over Tokens, but KYC must be completed first. The KYC process will be done before the mainnet launch. Over 5 million people have joined, so we plan to conduct KYC in collaboration with partners.

🇶 Can you share any details about the OverProtocol’s founders or backers?
🇦 The founder is Ben, PhD candidate at Seoul National University. Backers include South Korean entities like SK, Netmarble, DSC, NaverZ, SpringCamp, Schmit, and EN investment.

🇶 What is OCAP?
🇦 OverProtocol is a special kind of blockchain where anyone can join as a Validator from their home. Validators need OVER tokens, and this program helps people get these tokens before the Mainnet starts.

OCAP stands for “Over Community Access Program” and it has two main parts: Quest 1 and Quest 2, plus some other events. In Quest 1, you do missions in OverWallet and collect points. Quest 2 is about joining the OverProtocol Open Beta Testnet with OverNode and getting scores.

And OCAP is one of our airdrop plan. We are planning to launch our mainnet in the first half of this year.

To build a solid community and make it easy for users to use our services, we have promised an airdrop through the OCAP program. Those who actively participate in OCAP’s quests and upcoming events will be eligible for the airdrop.

What is OverProtocol ?

  • A blockchain network committed to fostering a truly decentralized ecosystem, allowing anyone to serve as a validator.
  • Leveraging ‘Ethanos’, an innovative node optimization technology, it empowers individuals to operate full nodes from their home desktops.
  • Driven by the vision of decentralization, OverProtocol aspires to place the power of a new internet right in your hands.


  • Mobile crypto wallet application, serving as a gateway to OverProtocol.
  • Before the Mainnet launch, the wallet educates users about Over Protocol and blockchain technology, offering rewards that will be usable on Over Protocol upon its release.
  • With over 5 million accounts registered and more than 1 million daily users, OverWallet is at the forefront of building a robust community around OverProtocol.


  • Node client designed to help users run Over Protocol nodes on their personal computers.
  • Featuring an intuitive UX/UI, OverNode allows anyone to seamlessly become a validator for Over Protocol, no computer science background required.
  • Its official release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

Still alone? Hang out with us!

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  • Discord, Chat, Chat, Chat…Open 24 hours.
  • Youtube, Gonna steal your 1 minute.
  • Instagram, Let’s visualize the future of OverProtocol.



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Over Protocol

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