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3 min readFeb 22, 2024


Get Ready for Open Beta Testnet Season 2

OBT #2 Starts on 2024–03–13

The testnet has two primary objectives:

  1. To enable as many users as possible to experience home staking with “OverNode
  2. To introduce “Palm Staking” through OverWallet.

This testnet is also a part of OCAP(Over Community Access Program). Thus, certain activities will be scored, and based on the results, you may receive airdrops after the mainnet launch. Therefore, please give it your full attention. Details will be disclosed in a Medium article prior to the start of the testnet.

OverWallet: Big Update

Upgrade OverWallet to Become a Cryptocurrency Wallet

An essential goal of OBT#2 is to facilitate “Palm Staking” through OverWallet.

  • We will upgrade OverWallet to an On-Chain Wallet with the testnet’s launch.
  • Therefore, all current OverWallet users must update the application before the testnet begins.
  • You’ll receive a notification to update when you access the app on March 13th, the day the testnet starts.
  • Be sure to look out for new announcements immediately following this meetup.

OverSpace: a Real World Asset marketplace

a platform where you can buy and sell various NFT vouchers

OverSpace is a Real World Asset marketplace.

  • It’s a platform where you can buy and sell various NFT vouchers, including those for K-Pop, K-Beauty, K-Stay, K-Food, and so on.
  • Initially, you will be able to trade vouchers for K-beauty affiliated stores, such as aesthetics and dermatology clinics.
  • We plan to expand into more fields such as accommodations, travel, and restaurants in the near future.
  • If regulators eventually permit trading Security Tokens, we will also support STOs on OverSpace.
  • The launch is planned for the summer of 2024; please stay tuned for further announcements!

What is OverProtocol ?

  • A blockchain network committed to fostering a truly decentralized ecosystem, allowing anyone to serve as a validator.
  • Leveraging ‘Ethanos’, an innovative node optimization technology, it empowers individuals to operate full nodes from their home desktops.
  • Driven by the vision of decentralization, OverProtocol aspires to place the power of a new internet right in your hands.


  • Mobile crypto wallet application, serving as a gateway to OverProtocol.
  • Before the Mainnet launch, the wallet educates users about OverProtocol and blockchain technology, offering rewards that will be usable on OverProtocol upon its release.
  • With over 5 million accounts registered and more than 1 million daily users, OverWallet is at the forefront of building a robust community around OverProtocol.


  • Node client designed to help users run OverProtocol nodes on their personal computers.
  • Featuring an intuitive UX/UI, OverNode allows anyone to seamlessly become a validator for OverProtocol, with no computer science background required.
  • Its official release is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Still alone? Hang out with us!

  • X, Feel free to tag @overprotocol
  • Discord, Chat, Chat, Chat…Open 24 hours.
  • Youtube, Gonna steal your 1 minute.
  • Instagram, Let’s visualize the future of OverProtocol.



Over Protocol
Over Protocol

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