Meet Oversubscribed

A podcast about technology, media, and other quirky things.

Today, my friend Ben Parr and I announced a new weekly podcast we’re putting together called “Oversubscribed”. Why do it? We love sharing ideas and thoughts back with the community — that’s usually how serendipity happens. Whether it’s 2 people listening or 2,000,000 people listening, we still love sharing.

Ben and I have known each other for over 8 years now. We’ve both taken similar yet different paths as entrepreneurs, writers, and investors. We talk often and thought that maybe the conversations we had with each other would be interesting to others. A few drinks later, we said: let’s do a podcast in 2016…so here we are.

Our goal is to talk about the state of technology, where we think it will go, and other quirky things along the way. We’re not going to try to follow the current trends all the time or always talk about what’s hot. It’s a top of mind exercise for that current day or week. Our minds are oversubscribed with thoughts and we’re here to share them with the world…no matter how crazy they might seem. Most of all, we’re just here to have some fun.

Below are embeds to the first two episodes on Soundcloud. There’s a lot to improve, but we hope you enjoy them.

PS — We’re going to be occasionally adding some guests. Drop us a line if you’re interested in talking with two goofballs for 30 minutes and letting other people listen. Ben and I are here on Twitter… or just use that old school email thing.

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