Join us for an internship at Overview

We at Overview, are looking for you: a passionate, talented and ambitious software development intern. You will help us in building the MVP for Overview, a brand-new startup based in Brussels, Belgium. We have one big ambition: improving the financial capabilities of our users in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We noticed that there are hundreds of personal finance and budgeting apps available for the northern hemisphere, but that the southern hemisphere does not get to enjoy the benefits of these tools. Even worse, 85% of adults in Africa don’t have a bank account, and can’t easily see what their financial situation is like.

Personal Finance is enabled in Sub-Saharan Africa with the development of Mobile Money concepts such as M-PESA.

If this is a problem you would like to help us to solve, you’re our candidate. We have a very aggressive timeline, and for the 6 months that you would ideally work with us, we want to launch an MVP for the Kenyan market 🇰🇪.

One of the few things we require from you is to be a EU student (for legal reasons), eager to learn, love challenges and have some experience in developing Android apps. You’ll be able to apply the best practices in the development of Overview, and get to solve some tough challenges, such as:

  • Developing an optimised app that runs on low-end Android devices.
  • Dealing with slow, expensive and unreliable connectivity. The app will be used in Kenya, and most places don’t have 4G or even 3G connectivity.
  • Making an offline-first app, that has enhanced features when it’s connected.
  • Making the app accessible and internationalised.
  • Building a robust foundation using modern tools and frameworks.

Since we are building a product for Kenya, you will most probably travel there at least once during your internship ✈️. This will allow you to test the app in real-life situations. When you will be traveling for Overview, flight, insurance, vaccinations and accommodation will of course be taken care of. Additionally, the internship will be compensated. We want you to learn and develop your skills, not worry about money.

We work from a large, bright and beautifully decorated office centrally located in Brussels. We work agile, in English, and use Slack to communicate. Caffeine is in ample supply, with a great espresso machine and a tons of Club Mate. And we also have an octa-core Mac Pro ready for you to work with ⚡.

Here are the practical details:

  • Apply by sending your CV to
  • Don’t forget to add your GitHub username and any link to previous projects you’ve worked on (Android or not).
  • We’ll get back to you within one working day. You can start as soon as the begin of October.
Know someone who’d be perfect for this internship? Send them a link to this article!