Our New Overwolf Developers Website is Live!

We’ve all been using the Overwolf Developers website since forever — time for a change!

We are pleased to share that we launched a new Developers website. It’s super shiny, loaded with new features and it’s also fully mobile compatible. Take a look!

What’s new?

  • New design: We have overhauled the entire website’s look-and-feel, as some of you know since you guys helped us optimize. Browse around and share your thoughts with us over Discord!
  • Real-Time Status of Game Events: An overview display of all supported games with real-time events, so you can take a single glance and know what your options are.
  • Discord Quick Widget: Need a hand while reviewing the documentation? Have questions for us or feedback to share? It’s now easier than ever to join our community on Discord and chat from within the website! Join our Discord with this link.

What’s Next for Overwolf Developers?

Our mission is to make your experience while developing Overwolf apps as great as it can be. While we have a LONG list of features and new options for you in the works, here’s some of what we can already share:

  • New Sample App: The team is re-working our old Sample App. It should help both new and experienced developers to follow best practices and gain more useful know-how when implementing the Overwolf SDK.
  • Real-Time Per-Event Status: With the new real-time status monitor you are able to see the status of each supported game. We are planning to enable per-event status monitoring soon, to give you an even higher resolution solution.
  • Full History on Slack: Your community and messaging history over Slack is becoming available. Don’t worry about losing information or an important message again!

That’s it for this update! We’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on the new changes as well as your ideas for what you’d like to see next. For anything else, including app proposals and general questions you are welcome to join our Developers Slack community, reach out to us via email (developers@overwolf.com) or chat with us on Discord. Keep up the amazing work!

Overwolf is an open apps platform for PC games. We support more than 800 PC games with our overlay technology, and you can easily create your in-game apps by using our SDK for completely free. Please check our Developers website for more information!

For more tips and strategies on how to improve your app, follow our blog! Feel free to contact us at any time with any question for more guidance and tips through the comments or by following us on Twitter, or join us on Slack.