Splitgate: Arena Warfare API is now available on Overwolf

First-Person Shooter lovers, rejoice and welcome Splitgate into your life!

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a highly anticipated Halo-meets-Portal arena shooter. It’s fast-paced and intense, requiring precision aiming and fluid movement, skills which could take hundreds of hours of practice to master.

We are happy to announce that 1047 Games has partnered with us to create a full Overwolf API for Splitgate. 1047 is looking to enhance gameplay and competitive experiences, which we see as an exciting opportunity for you when creating new apps for hardcore Splitgate gamers.

This is a great time to create useful apps such as real-time trainers, stat analysis apps, in-game comms, streaming interfaces and more to improve gamers experience. Splitgate is a highly competitive game and useful tools will certainly find the right audience.

The new integration goes live this weekend and we are still working with 1047 to make this API the best we can for developers. More real-time game events are coming soon!

If you would like to access the game, we are giving away beta keys for developers. Please send us an email (developers@overwolf.com) and we will contact you with all the details. The next closed-alpha will be available this weekend on December 22nd only, with more playtests to come before the official launch of the game during 2019.

You can view the Splitgate: Arena Warfare API now, available on December 22nd.

For app proposals and more questions you are welcome to join our Developers community on Slack and Discord or reach out to us via email: developers@overwolf.com