We’re Raising $16M to Build Better Tools for Our Partners

Our mission at Overwolf is and always has been to generate value for every gamer in every game. As we’ve grown, our ability to manifest this vision has grown by empowering independent third party creators, developers, and our partners. Our platform is developed with cutting-edge technologies but is tied to the roots of gaming and underlying the basic gaming experience — people having fun, connecting to others, and finding new ways to constantly improve doing what they love.

This new round of funding is all about making Overwolf better as an open platform, focused on your needs — whether you are making an app, developing a game, or are a player striving to play smarter.

The Early Days of Overwolf

Originally, Overwolf didn’t start as a platform, but as a product with a growing list of features. Right after we introduced Overwolf to the world, we were approached by startups, developers and brands who wanted us to build for them using our tech.

We were so excited that we surrendered to temptation and pursued too many of opportunities at the same time, nearly killing our young startup. We learned that we can’t do everything at once, and shifted to providing an infrastructure to enable creators to build apps and services independently.

By focusing on empowering developers, our thesis was that gamers will enjoy more apps and services than we could build on our own. Luckily for us, Marker LLC believed in our pivot towards creators and invested $5.3M to enable us to pursue this vision. Our new path was set.

Progressively Less Stupid

Like most platforms, we have made many mistakes along our journey. Thankfully, the combined feedback received from devs, players and active game communities has given us a north star to follow whenever uncertain.

For example, thanks to a Reddit thread on the HearthArena channel (and feedback from players and partners), we realized we were building our apps wrong. Back in the day, some apps were bundled into the Overwolf platform itself, in a way that denied players full control. As a result of these player complaints, we spent more than a year overhauling our client UX, distribution strategy, and platform features.

By the time we were done, each developer had full control and ownership of the player experience — with its own desktop presence, onboarding process and unique feature set. Players were also given full control of all aspects of app usage and installation including overlay settings, privacy settings, app permissions and manual controls for app functions.

Looking back at it now, the lesson might seem trivial, but for us, it was a huge shift in understanding that changed how we work to service player needs.

Our Commitment to Game Developers & Publishers

The game comes first, always. No matter what — you call the shots.

We are proud to be working hand in hand with the best game developers on the planet (e.g., Riot, Epic Games or Blizzard). We love your games, we’re your fans. If you have any feedback for us or the apps on Overwolf, we’ll always listen and take your guidance. Just email us at [developers at Overwolf dot com].

Forging a Path Ahead

Our goal is to continue to build the best platform for anyone developing features for gamers. We aim to provide the best possible publishing service for game apps, expand our monetization options and partners, provide best-in-market analytics for app developers, enable new types of content, and grow our marketing capabilities to support creators when entering the market.

The new round of funding comes shortly after launching our joint fund with Intel (~$7M) granting independent creators the means to turn their passion into a career, one of the programs we’re most proud of.

For the first time in history, a passionate creator or developer can play a game they enjoy, spot a gap or think up a cool feature the original devs left out, and make their idea a reality within mere weeks or months. If you are a developer and you want to learn more about creating apps in Overwolf, read more here and apply for our fund!

GLHF, and here’s to your first app!