Winner Announcement: PUBG Dev Challenge

The PUBG Dev Challenge has been an amazing ride with dozens of app developers joining and submitting their final app, battling for the prizes we announced with PUBG Corp. back in February.

We’ve seen some amazing work being done, and it was incredible to see cool and valuable ideas come to life. All participants worked hard on their submissions, and we are excited to share some of these fantastic creations with you.

But now, it’s time to announce the winners!

🏆 In the third place, winning Logitech G gear, PUBG swag and $2,000…

PUBGPlayer: The PUBGPlayer overlay provides you with a live in-match leaderboard. If you have a secondary monitor, you’ll be happy to see this app coming to life on your second screen. [Download the app!]

PUBGPlayer is also the winner of Intel’s “Secondary Screen Apps” category, winning a High-end NUC on top of other rewards!

🏆 Winning the second place, as well as Logitech G gear, PUBG swag and $5,000…

Match Bar for PUBG: This app tracks data from each match so you can recap how well you’ve done with a detailed report. A timeline with some interesting stats will show, helping you evaluate your performance better. [Download the app!]

🏆 The Grand Winner In the first place, taking home Logitech G gear, PUBG swag and $15,000…

Chicken Dinner: View PUBG top-down 2D replays of any match, without the radius limit of existing in-game replays. Learn from your mistakes and share your best moments! [Download the app!]

GGWP to all the winners and participants who submitted their final apps! Any developer who sent his final submission will get an exclusive challenge hoodie! All apps created are now available on the Appstore!

See you all in the next challenge!