Announcing the new CurseForge Authors Portal!

Moran Weiss
Overwolf Blog
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2 min readJun 26, 2022


We’re very excited to share the first iteration of what will become the new Authors Portal for CurseForge!

As many of you know, the current portal has been in need of TLC for some time now. And well, today — we’re happy to show you the first step in that direction!

The new portal is currently in its first phase, so take it into consideration. Some of the screens (such as the Rewards Store) still link to the old one, and will be replaced as they are rebuilt. In addition, there are some known UI fixes and tweaks that are needed.

Right now the new portal features 2 main screens: Statistics and Projects.

The Projects page will show you a list of all your projects. You’ll be able to filter them by game and status, and see other info. It’s fairly straightforward.

The Statistics page will show you an extensive breakdown of your projects’ data, including download numbers — both total and per project. In addition, you’ll be able to see your estimated revenue from your projects — both from the previous month and from the beginning of the year! Currently in order to see statistics on your project, you need to have accumulated a minimum of $15 worth of reward points.

As mentioned before this is an early build, so if you see anything you think is off — please let us know via ticket. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see on the new portal, just let us know in the Ideas Portal.

In the following months we will handle any reported issues with the current screens, and continue developing the remaining ones: Issues, Reward Store, Builds, and a bunch of new ones :)

We’re very excited with this first step and are looking forward to hearing your feedback on it, so check it out right here!