Overwolf’s Investment Thesis

shahar sorek
Jan 11 · 2 min read

The Overwolf Creators Fund was established to continue to build and add value to the UGC ecosystem. At Overwolf, we believe that community-created experiences are becoming a critical part of gaming, and we envision a world where communities of mod authors and in-game app creators can collaborate with game developers — creating endless playable possibilities.

Since we launched the fund in August of 2021, we’ve had the opportunity to make over 20 investments. Some of our investments include games studios like Stray Bombay, a co-operative studio, which will integrate CurseForge Core into its first game title The Anacrusis. Other examples include Hidden Leaf, 1047 Games, Mainframe, Pragma and Kidas. Overwolf embraces all creators, gamers, and game developers setting the stage for a new era of gaming led by community-created experiences, and that also includes creators involved in AR, VR and Web3 technologies.

We believe that the future of games lies in the hands of user-generated content (UGC) and part of that future may include enabling creators to build services with and around a variety of up and coming technologies. Since our vision is building in-game creation into a profession, we believe it’s our responsibility to make relevant services available for creators, since building services for creators is our main value add.

We have just started to explore what UGC integration could look like in blockchain enabled games, based on the wants and needs of game developers using our CurseForge Core product. We are, and will remain, transparent in all major CurseForge product decisions. As a reminder, our product roadmap is public and can be found here. This is Overwolf’s investment strategy and is separate from the CurseForge platform. There are no Web3 developments planned for CurseForge at this point.

We look forward to continuing to invest in and explore new gaming models, technology, and infrastructure that will advance gaming as we know it, and to discover all the potential and possibilities they hold for our community of creators.

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