Overwolf Release Notes — 110.1

Hi Wolfpack!

In release 110.1, we focused on your feedback from Reddit, social media and emails in order to improve your experience while using Overwolf.

This patch is the first step to a overhaul of Overwolf that will allow you to select the features of Overwolf you are interested in and bring you more customization and improvements to your Overwolf experience.

What’s new?

  • Better exclusive mode — The exclusive mode is the mode where Overwolf and its apps are taking the focus of your mouse/keyboard inputs over the game you are currently playing. This mode is generally activated when you open the dock or an app and is necessary to allow you to interact with them. A new indication will now inform you when this mode is active and what hotkey to use to return to the game.
  • Low FPS warning notification — We know how FPS drops can ruin a critical moment. That’s why we’ve engineered our client to detect FPS drops and throttle app’s use of resources until your FPS returns to an acceptable performance level..