Overwolf Release Notes — 112.1

Hey Pack!

Following the previous updates, we focused once more on your feedback from Reddit, social media and emails in order to improve your experience while using Overwolf. This is another step to a overhaul allowing you to enable only the Overwolf features you enjoy and brings you more control and customization.

We would love to hear your thoughts of these updates and your overall experience with the recent changes. We are tirelessly working on making Overwolf better and your feedback is our inspiration. So bring it on! You can reach out to us on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Discord and we are training some pigeons so keep on eye for them as well!

What’s new?

New Games Library. This library and its new overlay settings are available from the dock, when installing an app and via the Overwolf settings (games/overlay).

  • Overwolf overlays can now be enabled or disabled per game.
  • Overwolf will no longer be automatically enabled for games you have no app compatible with. For example, if you installed HearthArena, Overwolf overlays will be enabled for HeathStone only.
  • Global apps. Global apps are applications that can run with all the games supported by Overwolf. When installing a global app, Overwolf will become enabled for all your games and will notify you. Global apps include: Replay HUD, TeamSpeak, social media apps, music apps, …etc
  • Apps now have auto-launch permission than can be disabled per game.
  • FPS settings can also now be modified per game and are no longer global.
  • Game Summary settings are now also available in the new Games Library.

Please let us know what you think of these changes! If you have you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, or Discord.