Transitioning CurseForge from Twitch to Overwolf with the minimal impact on players

Gil Tov-Ly
Nov 18, 2020 · 2 min read

Great news! We have worked with Twitch to find a solution to the scheduled CurseForge downtime ahead of the Shadowlands release. The TLDR version is that Twitch will continue moderating updates to current addons and mods until November 30th.

On November 30, Curseforge will enter read-only mode at 6:00 AM PST for the migration from Twitch to Overwolf. Curseforge is expected to stay in read-only mode until full functionality gradually returns to full by December 3rd. For more details see Twitch’s blog post here.


A couple of days ago, Twitch published a blog post related to the scheduled downtime that would be required to complete the transfer of CurseForge from Twitch’s servers to Overwolf’s.

With Shadowlands’ new release date of November 23rd, we recognized the timing was not ideal to say the least. Since Overwolf doesn’t officially own CurseForge servers or control moderation until November 30th, we had to first reach out to Twitch to discuss solutions to limit the impact on creators..

Why did you choose a migration date so close to Shadowlands release?

We announced the acquisition of CurseForge from Twitch earlier this year. Back in June when the deal was announced, we chose the week of November 24th together with Twitch to serve as the transition date. Not only was this an ideal transition date for Twitch, but with the Shadowlands release date originally scheduled for October 26th, this gave creators one month of addon support prior to CurseForge’s scheduled downtime.

Shadowlands’ delayed launch date was unpredictable (not since The Burning Crusade did Blizzard delay an expansion launch). Unfortunately the new launch date was moved to the day before the transition from Twitch to Overwolf.


We know that the timing proposed could not have been worse. Like all of you, we are looking forward to such a large expansion launch. We understand your frustrations, and realize that the previously scheduled downtime came during a period when updates are needed the most.

We heard the concerns raised, and we are extremely grateful to the Twitch team for partnering with us to find a solution. We’re thrilled to get the official keys to CurseForge and we look forward to continue supporting the modding community after December 3rd.

Get the new CurseForge app for PC and Mac here!

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