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What data does Overwolf collect, and how can I opt out?

The TL;DR —

  1. Just like any other software product (Discord, Steam), Overwolf’s client collects data to (1) work, (2) personalize your experience and (3) send analytical data back home so we can improve. You can opt out of 2, and 3, and we try to be as transparent as possible regarding what data is actually collected in all 3 levels.

We recently came across several cases of misconception regarding the data Overwolf collects, and how that data is used. This clearly means we haven’t done a good job communicating this properly, as legitimate concerns surfaced. So here we’ll share exactly what data we collect, how we collect it, and how you can opt-out if you choose to.

Collecting Data

What data does Overwolf collect?

The Overwolf client collects three types of data locally on your PC:

  1. Diagnostic data to improve performance and stability — hardware information, computer performance, crash logs etc.

Sharing data with Overwolf

By default, the data collected locally by the Overwolf client is shared with Overwolf, or in other words — sent to our servers.

Yet, If you prefer to opt out from having this data shared with Overwolf, you can always opt out from having diagnostic (#1) and customization (#2) data shared. To opt out, visit the “Privacy” tab in Overwolf settings. Please note you cannot opt out from having basic data (#3) shared with Overwolf, and you can stop sharing this information by uninstalling Overwolf.

Overwolf Privacy settings

Anonymous users — using Overwolf without signing in

You can use Overwolf without creating an account or signing in — the platform and most apps would offer their full functionality without signing in. For anonymous users, the data mentioned above remains anonymous and is attributed to a randomly generated Machine ID (MUID).

Signed-in users

If you choose to create an Overwolf account, you will be requested to provide us with your email address, username, and profile picture. For signed-in users, data shared about your MUID will be linked in our servers to your email address and username.

Sharing data with other companies

Sharing private data

Overwolf will never share your private data (like email, username etc.) with any other company.

That being said, like many businesses we use trusted 3rd party service providers— like Amazon servers or Redash for analytics. These service providers only receive data needed to provide their services to us, and they may only use this data in order to perform the services we have hired them to do.

Sharing aggregated data

Aggregated information is anonymous and will not be linked to any specific individual.

We don’t sell data, nor do we plan to do so in the future.
In the past, we have shared aggregated, nonpersonal reports with insights agency NewZoo, but we’ve stopped this relationship.

Can I opt out from having my data shared as part of aggregated data?

Yes. As mentioned above, to opt out from having usage data about your machine shared, please visit the “Privacy” tab on Overwolf settings.

What about ad-related data and personalized ads?

Why ads?

Overwolf is a framework that helps creators build gaming desktop apps, share them with gamers, and eventually make a living. The “make a living” part lets creators fully invest themselves in their projects, doing work they love. This is our “why”, the reason that drives us.

To that end, Overwolf offers tools to generate revenue from apps like in-app ads or subscriptions. It is up to the developer of the app to decide whether to include ads within the app or not, and whether to offer a subscription plan. App developers that choose to include ads must then comply with Overwolf’s strict guidelines to ensure that ads never interfere with the gaming experience.

Ads personalization

To facilitate the integration of in-app ads, we use trusted and well known third-party advertising networks and partners, and offer ad spaces (called “Inventory”) for them to “bid on”. To make ads more relevant to you, ad partners may personalize the ads they serve, usually based on cookie files.

Can I opt out of ads personalization?

Overwolf is currently in the process of developing the option to fully opt out of ad personalization. We plan to have this option available by the end of December 2020.

Still got questions about the data and privacy? Shoot us your questions by submitting a support ticket, or sharing your thoughts on Discord.



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