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Creator Fair: Shop at a Virtual Mobile Bar 😱 🍻

A Chinese community hosts a virtual market event for creators using oVice

Have you ever bought a virtual beer?

I’m sure you’re not surprised by the question and you’ve also never bought a virtual beer.

It’s always “why not!” and not “why would I?”.

oVice: a virtual space where you can bring your imagination to life ✨

Now that everything has been switching to the online world, everyone is getting crazy creative on virtual events’ ideas. True that oVice initially launched as a virtual office, but it can also be ANYTHING. Even a Zoo.

One of the community creators in China decided to host a virtual creator fair where virtual odd things are sold for real money. By odd things, I’m referring to the virtual Kombucha and booze.

50 people joined the event, some were sellers and others were buyers. The virtual market space was incredibly interactive thanks to all the fun elements added like images, GIFs, background music, and seller signs. And it was easy for people to move from one seller to the other and discover what’s happening in their area.

How did it all start?

Meet Bob Fu, a creator and community manager of Idea Buyers Club in China. He has been using oVice virtual space for almost 5 months now as a co-working/co-studying space and sometimes as a virtual bar.

Follow his Twitter account if you’re interested in joining the community.

The event started with a guitar performance by one of the community members and they did a super cute cover of the Santa Clause is Coming to Town song. Then people scattered around to talk and to check all the stands. People were selling virtual lands, printed bitcoin documents, virtual drinks, etc…

Every 30 min, the community manager would use the megaphone and invite people to join a certain stand so all sellers have equal chances to show off their props.

If you want to create your own community space or host a virtual event, try out oVice for a fun-filled experience!

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