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Hybrid Work Digest: Apple employee protests, Intel pushes Oregon to go Hybrid, Building a Smart Hybrid Schedule

As a virtual office provider, oVice is on a mission to help teams adopt and excel at hybrid work.

In the new episode of our weekly digest, we collected top news stories, articles, and how-to posts that will help you understand hybrid work and harness its full potential.

In this episode of the digest, you’ll discover:

  • What Apple workers think about coming back to offices
  • How Intel’s shift to hybrid work changes the job market in Oregon
  • Compliance challenges that come with hybrid work
  • How to keep hybrid employees engaged and fulfilled.

Let’s dive right in!

Latest hybrid work news

1. Intel shifts to hybrid work

The company announced its shift to hybrid work last year. As the biggest employee in Oregon, it’ll likely encourage other companies to follow, bringing more hybrid openings to the state.

2. Apple workers are ready to quit after coming back to the office

In a few weeks (starting May 23), Apple employees will have to go to offices three days a week instead of one, as they do since April 11. However, a new survey among the company’s team suggests most are unhappy with the idea of returning to their desks.

3. Managers threaten pay cuts to lure teams back to offices

According to the Guardian, some British companies are willing to let employees work from home… but they have to accept a 20% pay reduction.

Reflecting on challenges

1. Hybrid work puts strain on communication compliance

The advent of hybrid work makes SEC and other regulators look for ways to ensure communication compliance which is easier said than done. The key difficulties are in keeping transparent records and the inability to trace chat conversations for legal use.

2. Challenges of hybrid work can turn it into a disaster

Amidst the widespread claim that hybrid work brings the best of both worlds, team leaders like GitLab’s Darren Murph warn against the chaos and disfunction the transition will bring. Hybrid work skeptics believe it is a “recipe for disaster” — and they have their reasons.

3. IT service management firms still struggle to enable hybrid work

ITSM providers are on the frontline of hybrid work transition — yet, they don’t have enough experience or resources to support teams as they adapt to the snowball of changes.

4. Hybrid work requires a change from management to leadership

We typically use the words “management” and “leadership” interchangeably — yet, in the hybrid world, there’s a strong difference between the two. When typical management tools — control and oversight — become inaccessible, motivating, inspiring, and leading the team is the only way to stay afloat.

Collection of top hybrid work tips

1. Improving engagement in hybrid workplaces

One of the key challenges in hybrid management is finding a sweet spot between staying connected to the team and ensuring autonomy. Find out how to drive engagement in a hybrid workplace with these actionable tips.

2. How to prioritize well-being in a hybrid workplace

Balancing office and remote work routines is not easy but you can make it more manageable with a few changes that put well-being first. Find out how to stay fulfilled while working in a hybrid environment (yes, working out is on the list).

3. 5 signs your team is getting hybrid work right

There’s so much talk about getting hybrid work wrong it would seem leaders have no chance at doing it right. Luckily, it’s not the case. Get to know the traits of a successful hybrid team and see if your organization matches them.

4. Full guide to building a hybrid work schedule

A rundown of helpful tips for keeping hybrid workflows structured and making sure everyone on the team has enough flexibility to do their best work and live their best lives.

The weekly hybrid digest was brought to you by oVice: a virtual office platform that helps remote and hybrid teams connect in a customizable, interactive, and feature-rich digital space.

Find out how our innovative and resource-efficient technology helps over 20,000 teams stay connected and enjoy their work.



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