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oVice Website and Virtual Space UI Undergoes a Major Update

oVice Website and Virtual Space UI will be renewed in Collaboration With Goodpatch Japan

oVice, Inc. (Headquarters: Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Sae Hyung Jung) collaborates with Goodpatch, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naofumi Tsuchiya), a global design company that advances business with the power of design. In a matter of days, we will the UI of the virtual space “oVice”.

  • Outline of the renewal project
    The virtual space “oVice” was launched last year, August 2020, and it has been used more than 7,000 times as an online space for virtual offices, events, and university lectures. Based on our users’ opinions, we have created a 2D worldview of oVice that makes it even easier to use and that “it is similar to a blank canvas, and the features are like an artist’s palette that you can use to swirl colors together and create an art piece that represents you and suits your needs.”
  • In order to enhance the easy use of oVice, we have been carrying out a renewal project for several months now in collaboration with Goodpatch Co., Ltd. The design has been changed to convey the outline and concept of the service to those who are new to the virtual space.
  • Comments from: Goodpatch UX Designer Shunpei Kano, Mika Ehara, and UI Designer Daiki Sato and Kei Higashi

The value of oVice, which is found through discussions with the oVice team and users’ interviews, is that it can break the barriers between online and offline communication and enable a tension-free interaction. In order to convey these to larger groups of people, Goodpatch helped establish the brand image, renew the landing page, and the product UI. The landing page is based on the visual design guideline of being able to replicate “everyday human behaviors online in the same way as offline,” “an open space with full customization,” and “develop a trust that arises from dialogue that is close to reality,” provided by oVice.
After this renewal, we look forward to making oVice a comfortable and playful virtual communication experience and continue to be a product that is loved by users around the world.

  • What Is oVice and How Does It Work?

oVice is a 2D virtual space where people meet and interact as avatars. Replicating natural human-approaching behaviors online, users have the ability to virtually walk around and mingle with others by getting their avatars closer to the other party. The closer they get, the greater voices will be. This makes it easier to walk in and out of conversations along with providing an environment that allows for more coincidental discussions.
In order to make online interaction more enriching, people can share video-conferencing tools, like screen share, video chat, and more.

Website: ovice.in

Demo: tour-en.ovice.in

Public Relations: media@ovice.co



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