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Reinventing Remote Work at a Virtual Office Called oVice

Adapting to the new remote work life using a virtual office

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It’s been a while now! And the sudden shift to remote work is still being daunting to most companies. From exploring the best practices to managing a remote team to finding the right tools that can help with empowering the workforce within a company or an organization, fully adapting to the new remote work-life is certainly a challenge.
We talked about this with YNS Philippines Inc., who started using oVice as a virtual office tool to adjust to working from home, and we asked them about their remote experience with using oVice.

Interview company: YNS Philippines Inc.
Industry: IT Software/Computer Programming Services
Number of oVice users: 60 people in total.
Interviewee: Miss Maylene Pesigan, Admin-Accounting Staff

Screenshot taken from YNS virtual office Ovice Official

Keeping in touch: achieve effective communication with your remote team

Well, some of the main challenges that most companies are struggling with right now is adapting to remote work as a new normal during the pandemic. Being used to working at the office and being able to freely communicate with your colleagues during working hours could be hard to replicate while working apart. So, finding the right communication channel as the most effective way to interact with your team is one of the milestones to making a company’s mission thrive and maintain a high level of work performance. Like many other companies, we kept looking for the right platform in the hope to find a solution for those challenges. But for us, we found our way on how to cope-up with the new normal and that is by using oVice as our virtual office. We believed that oVice can be the right tool to help our company improve team communication and solve interaction problems.

What made you choose oVice as a remote office and what benefits have your team claimed while using it?

At some point, we struggled with using many websites/apps for our meetings and events as well. It was a hassle to organize those online especially when you need to set a timeframe and make sure that everyone is informed about the matter. We still managed to do it well, but we were looking for something more convenient and flexible to use for everyone.
I heard that oVice provides the functions needed to work in a suitable remote arrangement while replicating aspects of workplace behavior online. On top of that, since we have daily meetings and we need to collaborate with each other practically all the time, communication within the team is highly important in our company. At oVice, we are able to always be around each other, hold our meetings, collaborate by sharing our screen so everyone can see what we’re working on, and just reaching out for help whenever needed with the simple click of moving to someone else’s table and talking to them just like at the office.
Throughout the time we used oVice, we started eliminating some no-longer-necessary apps. All we needed was one tab where we share ideas, have our meetings, and co-work without having the need to send a link from Google Meet or Zoom. I think working in a virtual office environment made remote work a lot easier and efficient. We became more transparent with each other and the feeling of having a virtual office made it comfortable and fun.

Team onboarding Ovice Official

We are very glad that oVice staff is always available to provide us with an onboarding session for our newcomers to know how the service works and to answer questions in general. Thank you.

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