sensu grid

Sensu is a flexible monitoring solution designed with a modern decoupled architecture in mind. The Sensu team deserves a lot of kudos for their work so far.

The one thing I felt missing so much was a very basic dashboard that shows me what’s going on in all the different environments / data centres.

Out of this need I wrote a small Flask web-app that will give you a Dashboard Grid overview of your environments / infrastructure.

What does Sensu-Grid give you ?

A dashboard for your monitoring screens / walls.

main dashboard

filter by subscription

You can edit the URL to add multiple subscriptions via a comma separated list — e.g.: https://localhost/grid/filtered/sub1,sub2,sub3,sub4,sub5

per-environment / datacentre grid


Configuration is simply done in a YAML file — example is on github, but just in case:

name: dev
url: sensu-dev.domain.local
port: 4567
uchiwa: http://sensu-dev.domain.local:3000
name: stage
url: sensu-stage.domain.local
port: 4567
user: apiuser
password: apipassword

refresh: 60
bg_color: #333333