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Pokemon Go Was 2016, Now Get Ready For OVR

Build, Monetize and Earn Rewards While Having Fun With Augmented Reality

You are now probably familiar with Pokemon Go and augmented reality.

Just two short years ago, practically no one had heard of “augmented reality.” Then Pokémon Go exploded on the scene, and AR gaming took off.

Pokemon Go revolutionized mobile gaming with the innovative use of augmented reality (AR).

Who knew catching a Charmander or Squirtle could encourage over 550 million people to download an app and become obsessed with collecting adorable pocket monsters.

Pokemon Go was the first mainstream use for augmented reality, where digital information is superimposed over the top of a real-world readout.

The craze has now subsided apart from among a few hardcore fans but its impact elsewhere could be more lasting.

It is clear that AR is mostly associated with gaming but there is a huge potential in new and engaging experiences and content, as yet untouched. We at OVR, aware of the opportunities, have taken this concept further and transferred it on to the blockchain.

Pokemon Go brought augmented reality to a mass audience but OVR will put it in front of new ones, breaking through from a niche toy for early adopters to something much bigger.

What Makes OVR Different, Fun And Interesting

Photo by My name is Yanick on Unsplash

OVR is a magic mirror to an augmented world.

The OVR app sees itself as the first content browser where the user does not merely choose what to experience but immerses themselves in all possible experiences based on location, as submitted by the world.

We believe that this method of delivering a unified world augmented with enhancements can derive new value never thought of before from over 1.6 TRILLION lands to explore.

And this is not all, OVR is an aggregator, a community that uses a real economic system that can revolutionize AR world-scale experiences. Thanks to this system, OVR represents the solution to various market segments needs.

Of Course, you can have a lot of fun with the OVR app but this is not only about gaming. The scope and use cases are greater than you imagine.

Augment Reality and OVR Are Not Just For Gamers

Photo by David Grandmougin on Unsplash

It’s quite natural that AR is associated with gaming. It was, after all, the global gaming phenomenon Pokemon Go, like we mentioned in previous articles, that was the breakthrough app to really propel AR into mainstream consciousness, and still the most recognized example of AR in practice.

You might also be surprised to know that AR isn’t just confined to gaming apps. In fact, games are only a small part of a growing range of useful applications of AR tech.

Augmented reality has some really interesting use cases, and the OVR platform is the right place for you to start exploring. Here are some use cases to incentivize your imagination.

End User — The Explorer Of The OVR World

The OVRUsers will be able to experience live interactive augmented reality customized in the real world, just with a mobile device or smart glasses.

The OVRUser can create experiences anchored to locations for visitors to share, or experience for yourself what others have created.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, what you already own or don’t own. You and thousands like you can use the OVR app to explore a new AR world and compete for the chance to own a part of it.

Digital Assets Investor — The One Who Collects OVRLands

Within the augmented reality world of OVR there are Unique, rare and limited locations and properties — AR versions of the real world, but every bit as valuable as Real Estate.

And they’re waiting for digital asset investors or traditional real estate investors to claim them.

Don´t miss out on what is considered the next big thing in real estate — virtual lands via our OVRLands.

Digital Media Agencies And Marketers

Augmented reality is a fast-growing trend that is increasingly requested in a brand’s communication methods. OVR responds to this trend with the state of the art of augmented reality experiences.

OVR provides a new way of conveying brand contents thanks to the world-scale experience of augmented reality.

When acquiring strategic OVRLand the agency can associate sponsored experiences in strategic locations of interest to the brands.

The Advertiser — A Brand Who Wants To Promote Its Product/Service

OVR provides the advertiser with the opportunity to enjoy an innovative and noncongested new communication channel.

Advertising in OVR merges with the 3D experience, thus enhancing the sponsored message.

3D Digital Artists — The Builders Of The OVR Experience

Artists will have the opportunity to create 3D digital experiences, receive requests for new projects in a quick and practical way through the OVR platform.

By becoming an OVROwner the 3D digital artists will be able to insert advertisers’ content and monetize the digital experiences. Isn´t it great?

Offline Shops And Chain Stores In General

Experiences on an OVRLand in front of stores can stimulate users even in a closed shop.

Gaming experiences or general engagement on OVRLand in front of shops become a pretext for generating store traffic.

For example, the user is invited to access the store through augmented reality experiences located in strategic areas or near the store itself.

OVR Represents The Solution To Various Market Segments

“We’ve been developing single purpose AR apps for the past five years and it’s frustrating to find that there is still no unique platform available for developers to easily build on. At the same time, we’ve encountered many AR developers voicing the same frustrations. And so, OVR was our response to this problem,” — Davide Cuttini, OVR CEO.

The OVR Platform is made of the OVR Ecosystem, OVRLands, and the marketplace.

OVR Ecosystem

The ecosystem consists of the following:

The OVROwner: uses the OVR token to buy the digital lands (OVRLand) and anchor an AR experience.

The OVR Creator: creates 3D digital experiences (OVRExperience).

The OVRMiner: activates an OVRNode.

The OVRUser: has the AR experience.

The OVRAdvertiser: uses the OVR token to publish sponsored AR elements on digital lands.


The OVR ecosystem is underpinned by a grid of hexagons covering the whole earth’s surface. The hexagons are called OVRLands, have specific geographic positions and a standard dimension of 300 square meters. The total number of OVRLands is 1,660,954,464,112.

Property of OVRLands will ground the economic incentives to generate, distribute, curate high-quality AR and VR content for development and growth.

The Marketplace

The OVR marketplace is decentralized and managed by smart contracts. The main function is to facilitate the intersection between supply and demand for every digital asset that can be traded on the OVR platform.

All transactions are handled in OVR tokens and the smart contract ensures decentralized assets exchange.

So How Can You Create Growth And Monetize Your Creations?

There are three ways to monetize your creations within the OVR platform.

OVRLands: Buy, Sell, Rent

After the closing phase of the ICO using the OVRs (“token”), the OVRLand can be purchased on the OVR Marketplace through an ascending price auction with a starting price of 1 OVR.

The OVROwners can sell or rent their OVRLands at any time using the marketplace features. The OVRLands are sold or rent with the existing OVRExperience.

OVRExperience: Buy And Sell

Community users can develop AR experiences and can then decide to sell it on the marketplace. The amount desired is passed on from OVR Owner to Content creator upon association OVRLand->OVRExperience. The smart contract guarantees the correctness of the transaction.

OVRAdv: Buy And Sell

Advertisers can require promotional items such as 3D virtual banners or, generally, plans with dynamically assignable textures. They also have the possibility to insert their promotional elements. The marketplace manages the buying and selling of these spaces on a time basis or on performance.

Did We Mention That You Can Start Earning Rewards Right Now?

About OVR

OVR is a cutting edge AR platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. OVR makes it possible for users provided with a mobile device or a smart glass to live interactive augmented reality experiences customized in the real world. OVR can be defined as a new standard in augmented reality where geographical experiences are based on the user’s position.

Website: https://www.ovr.ai/#intro

Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OVRtheReality

Follow on Twitter — https://twitter.com/OVRtheReality

Join on Telegram: https://t.me/OVRtheReality




OVER is a blockchain-based AR platform. With a mobile device or a smart glass, users can live interactive augmented reality experiences customized in the real world. OVER is a new standard in AR where experiences are based on a user’s position.

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