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Pokemon Go Was 2016, Now Get Ready For OVR

Build, Monetize and Earn Rewards While Having Fun With Augmented Reality

What Makes OVR Different, Fun And Interesting

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OVR is a magic mirror to an augmented world.

Augment Reality and OVR Are Not Just For Gamers

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End User — The Explorer Of The OVR World

Digital Assets Investor — The One Who Collects OVRLands

Digital Media Agencies And Marketers

The Advertiser — A Brand Who Wants To Promote Its Product/Service

3D Digital Artists — The Builders Of The OVR Experience

Offline Shops And Chain Stores In General

OVR Represents The Solution To Various Market Segments

“We’ve been developing single purpose AR apps for the past five years and it’s frustrating to find that there is still no unique platform available for developers to easily build on. At the same time, we’ve encountered many AR developers voicing the same frustrations. And so, OVR was our response to this problem,” — Davide Cuttini, OVR CEO.

OVR Ecosystem


The Marketplace

So How Can You Create Growth And Monetize Your Creations?

OVRLands: Buy, Sell, Rent

OVRExperience: Buy And Sell

OVRAdv: Buy And Sell

Did We Mention That You Can Start Earning Rewards Right Now?

About OVR



OVER is a blockchain-based AR platform. With a mobile device or a smart glass, users can live interactive augmented reality experiences customized in the real world. OVER is a new standard in AR where experiences are based on a user’s position.

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