Villanova dining does a fantastic job of working to provide options for everyone all year round. However we can work towards making the student side of campus dining a bit simpler. Standardization and transparency would go a long way in expanding options and improving meal plan utilization.

Things we can work toward:

  • Kick MPE restrictions to the curb and leave them there.
  • Keep Holy Grounds open later.
  • Make meals (MPEs) usable at every dining location.
  • Add more options to the convenience store on Main Campus.
  • Add the ability to purchase convenience store items with a meal.
  • Explore adding CAMPCO and Rosie’s Mug compatibility with meal plans.
  • Stop charging extra for guacamole in Cafe Nova.
  • Add more pizza topping options in Cafe Nova.
  • Keep vending machines operational and stocked.

Everybody eats, and I want to work towards solutions for every CLAS student. If you have any suggestions you can always let me know!