Devil’s Flower - Itch Game of the Week

A space where the mundane and the supernatural cross

Devil’s Flower is a game created by Namada. It can be found at the time of writing at this page.

I don’t have as much to say about my game of the week this week for two reasons. One I’ve been kind of sick so I haven’t be up for tearing into the new releases all week. Two, said sickness has left me without the push to exhaustively complete the games that did catch my eye. So today’s game endorsement comes from a more taste-test than perceptive than an endorsement of the entire package. And Devil’s Flower certainly has that appeal right out of the gate. The game is a first person dungeon crawler that places the player in the role of the amber-eyed, one a newcomer to the game’s tower setting. The game is a more story and dialogue based affair than much of the old classics of the genre but the game’s early appeal does reside in its setting. The player is tasked with navigated a tower, solving puzzles by roaming through hallways, rooms and staircases. At times players will deal with the mundane, like finding levers strewn about the floor to open a locked door. But other times players will stumble into rooms dedicated to the unnatural and magical phenomenons that might refill the player’s energy or oracles that tell stories in poetry. These magical rooms seem to be largely darkly coloured while the mundane stuff is largely light coloured spaces. This gives the experience of stepping into one of the magical spaces an instant impact of importance and specialness, it’s a very stark contrast that does wonders for the game’s atmosphere. Devil’s Flower so far is a game of great promise and I hope it can continue to capture the intrigue of its opening during the final stretches.

Devil’s Flower was the game of the week for June 25th, 2017.

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