Perfect Shot - Itch Game of the Week

A game that’s just the panic and failure part of arcade games

Perfect Shot is a game created by Darren Moore. It can be found at the time of writing at this page.

So as of time of writing, this game of the week post it about 29 hours past deadline. You see, I spent my weekend pushing through the avant-garde Oikospiel Book I. Which I can tell you now is a real breathtaking work. I think I might genuinely truly love that game. But its experimental and dense nature asks far more time and attention of me if I’m going to even approach doing it justice. But leaves me in a bind as I needed something else from the past week to feature here and now, and it needed to be something bite-sized so I don’t drift more and more late with this post.

So in my moment of need I looked to Perfect Shot an arcade style strategy game by fellow Torontonian Darren Moore. Perfect Shot is a game where the player has to manipulate the path walked by an endless horde of zombies to direct as many as possible into the firing line of their laser. Once the player grasps how to manipulate that path, the game has that instant legibility shared by all the great old arcade games. You can start having fun with Perfect Shot in about the time it takes you to click the link above that brings you to the game’s page.

What sets Perfect Shot apart though, is that it’s shamelessly difficult. While many score leaderboard focused games have a kind of warm up period to build a player’s confidence, Perfect Shot starts fairly hard and doesn’t let up. It asks the player to essentially count steps of tens of enemies at once. Which sounds not fun, but actually is super rewarding to play because games last seconds not minutes. By making the game length so short, hammering over and over at your best score is super fun. You don’t lose runs to tricky bits 5 minutes in. If the game needs any additions it would be full leaderboards and not just a single high score. But it’s a game that really understands exactly how to make score chasing fun.

Or I mean, I could just be horrendously bad at Perfect Shot.

Perfect Shot was the game of the week for February 19th, 2017.