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CryptoSolitaire is Now Ownly!

Stolen digital art is a common problem nowadays for artists. Creative thieves or a term we coined as ‘creathieves’ seem to take advantage of the lack of safe space online for artists. Ownly, formerly , aims to provide a solution to the problem.

Why We’re Pivoting

“We choose to pivot from the combination of games and art in CryptoSolitaire into focusing only on art in Ownly. We believe we can deal with the issue of counterfeit digital art by turning any artwork into cryptoart.” — Ownly Co-Founder

“We will be using the process called tokenization in blockchain technology. Each digital artwork will be turned into a . It will have a unique hash that will serve as its digital signature. In blockchain technology, no signature is ever the same. When you tokenize an artwork, you’re assured that it will be one of a kind.”

“The best thing is when you turn an artwork into an NFT, interested buyers and collectors can be sure that it’s authentic. Since the blockchain technology is a decentralized system which means it’s a public ledger, it is impossible to change the artwork’s signature or cheat.”

Ownly Official Logo —Ownly is visualized by puzzle pieces, a representation of singular unique artworks, forming a circle. Your own unique collections.

This is what Ownly is all about. Ownly means you own the only digital copy. It will be an online gallery full of single-edition cryptoart from our featured local artists.

We want to collaborate with promising artists and bring their valuable artworks to blockchain technology. We believe that they have so much to offer and we are delighted to share their masterpieces with the world.

Chenandink’s Playing Card Deck Masterpiece
Chenandink’s Beautiful Playing Card Deck Masterpiece

When we were still CryptoSolitaire, a made by competed in last Decentraland Game Jam 2019, and .

It was a proud moment for us! Now that we’re Ownly, we’ve turned the deck into our first ever single-edition cryptoart collectible on . We’re very happy to say that some cards have already been purchased!

Play here!

The Future with Ownly

Ownly will be a home for these artworks. It will be a high-tech revival of our founder’s first project — the which serves as a shelter for our homegrown creatives in the region.

The gallery aims to promote artists and showcase their works of art, attract collectors and promote the local art industry.

Ownly has the same mission, but with the new normal, we’ve chosen to bring the gallery online.

Upcoming First Quarter Collaboration

At this time, we are excited to share that we already have an ongoing collaboration with an amazing artist for the first quarter of the year!

It is none other than , a professional doodle artist and illustrator whose works have been featured in several brands including Mini Cooper, NBA Store, Mazda Japan, Asus PH, and National Book Store. He also has published 4 books, and some of them are already available in 8 countries!

That’s all we’ve got to say for now because you’ll be knowing more about Lei in our next update.

To learn more about Ownly, you can follow us on:

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ownly.io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ownly.io/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ownlyio/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ownlyio



OWNLY is a metaverse-focused platform optimizing ownership and utility through innovative applications of NFT.

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