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Don’t Miss Our Q4 500 Million OWN BuyBack and Burn Event and Upcoming Play to Earn NFT Game!

On September 30, we burned 2.5% of our OWN token total supply equivalent to 250 Million OWN, reducing our initial total supply from 10 Billion to 9.75 Billion. This is part of our buyback and burn celebration every quarter of the year.

Importance of Buyback and Burn to Our Hyper-Deflationary Token

Buying back and burning is an essential part of our Tokenomics. OWN is a hyper-deflationary token. Compared to inflationary tokens based on the fiat currency model where there are no limits to the production of tokens, hyper-deflationary tokens continue to decrease over time to a predetermined amount.

Through the buyback and burn program, we’ll be able to remove 30% of our circulating supply in the next 3 years and reach our 7 Billion OWN target. This will be beneficial to the stability and price growth of our token.

Quarter Four Buyback and Burn Target

In the last quarter of 2021, our initial aim is to buy back a total of 250 Million OWN and burn a total of 500 Million OWN.

We already started buying back our token this month and we’re proud to say that we already exceeded that target amount by 53,496,766.5757 OWN, total bought back so far is now 303,496,766.57572955 OWN as of writing… and we’re still just halfway through this quarter!

Now we’re set to reduce 5% of the total supply or 500 Million OWN before the year ends.

That’s twice the amount we burned on our first buyback and burn program! We also haven’t sold any of our tokens for our operating expenses since our private sale and Initial Dex Offering because our NFT sales has kept everything running since our official launch last July!

OWN Token Unique and Valuable Utilities

What makes OWN valuable in the long-term compared to other tokens out there is its various utilities.

Most importantly, having OWN in your wallet will entitle you to have a voice with certain economic decisions in the platform someday like voting for the next featured artist, collateral, and interest rate.

Get your OWN tokens now at:

SparkSwap (OWN-BNB pair): https://ownly.io/swap
PancakeSwap (OWN-BUSD pair): https://ownly.io/pancake

Exciting Mustachio Quest Play To Earn Game Soon!

What’s next for our token and Ownly is an NFT play-to-earn Mustachio Quest game inspired by the tales and journey of the Mustachios. In the game, players can grow and assemble a team of Mustachios and compete with each other’s team where winners will be rewarded with our tokens. Mustachio owners can also lend their NFTs to “scholars” to earn OWN via daily quests and PvP matches. You can also buy exclusive “Mustachio magical items” on our marketplace that you can use in the game to your advantage.

This is not the first time that we ventured into blockchain gaming. Back in 2019, with only two developers and a limited budget, we made a 3D CryptoSolitaire NFT game in a short period of time. We submitted the game to the Decentraland Game Jam where participants were asked to create multiplayer games, interactive art, and other 3D scenes. We won 13th place among the 100 other global entries, proving our capabilities in this industry.

There are still few Mustachios left from our Genesis set.

Mint your own Mustachio now!

Now, we’re going back to combining blockchain, art, and gaming again with more resources in our hands. We’ll reveal the full details of our upcoming NFT game in another article, so keep yourself updated!

Get OWN Token Here:

SparkSwap (OWN-BNB pair): https://ownly.io/swap
PancakeSwap (OWN-BUSD pair): https://ownly.io/pancake

Check Out Our NFT Collection:

Ownly Marketplace: https://ownly.market/
Foundation: https://foundation.app/ownly
TryShowtime: https://tryshowtime.com/ownly
OnCyber Metaverse: https://oncyber.io/ownly

Join Our Community!

Ownly Telegram: https://t.me/ownlyio
Ownly Discord: https://ownly.io/discord
MustachioVerse Discord: https://mustachioverse.com/discord

Follow Us For More Content:

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ownly.io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ownly.io/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ownlyio/
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