Exploits and Effects: A Tokenized Physical Art Exhibit About Man’s Internal Conflicts and Discoveries

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Ownly’s newly launched gallery, Ownly House of Art, will be holding its first tokenized physical art exhibit entitled Exploits and Effects at Ayala Malls Legazpi on December 3–5. The exhibit highlights man’s journey as he undergoes internal conflicts that lead to vulnerability, pain, desperation, and hope. The seven surreal artworks will take the viewers to a story leading to two choices: surrender or triumph over mental anguish.

The Artists and Their Works

There are three brilliant artists who worked hard to make the visual experience possible. Let us get to know them, their works, and their pieces in this exhibit:

Dan Vincent Barotilla

Dan Vincent Barotilla is an artist that admits he doesn’t have any art style because his painting technique constantly evolves. Born and raised in Legazpi City, he cites Salvador Dali, Rodel Tapaya, and Ronald Ventura as some of the artists that he look up to.

One interesting fact about Barotilla is how he discovered his love for painting. He flipped through a calendar with paintings of national art competition winners for students and that prompted him to start his career as an artist. With his passion and skills, he won 1st place in an on-the-spot painting competition during a local festival in the province.

Now, with his third exhibit, he believes that tokenizing physical art is the next big step artists should take, emphasizing that NFTs are the future of art.

Free Fall

Things that go up eventually fall down. The falling is inevitable, however, life struggles give us a choice to change the direction of where the fall will be.

Comfort Zone

Fear imprisons our thoughts. The four corners of the unknown room serve as the Jail that locks our minds and potential. There are unlimited opportunities outside our comfort zone. All we need to do is find our way out.

Altered Perspective

What we see on where we stand doesn’t always stay the way it is. Change is constant, so does our perspective. Trying to stay afloat, life drifts us away from a different view we have never seen or been before.

Glenn De Guzman

Glenn De Guzman describes his art style as surrealism and social realism expressing his emotions, goals, and ideas in the realm of personal, social, and political issues. He is a resident of Bacacay, Albay who finished his Fine Arts Major in Painting at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila back in 1992.

He won first Hon. Mention during the 12th PLDT-DPC Visual Art National Competition and already had his first exhibit at R Gallery last year. Some of his inspirations are Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Renato Habulan, and Neil Doloricon.

In this collaboration with Ownly, he is looking forward to showing other artists endless possibilities and opportunities through NFTs.

Live With It

A desperate situation, a loose choice between surviving badly, between being alive and raggedly so.

I’m Sorry

Promises are worse than lies. We make others hope — hope for something we’re not sure we can’t give.

Leave Me Alone

If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.

Mel Baranda

Camelo “Mel” Baranda is another artist from Bacacay, Albay. This painter, who has been part of over ten exhibits, developed his early love for drawing upon the sight of characters in now-defunct Pinoy Komiks.

He pursued BSFA at UST-Legazpi and worked as a freelance Cleanup In-Betweener in animation. Later on, he discovered that his passion still gravitates toward his childhood imaginations and discoveries.

Inspired by Salvador Dali, Vincent VanGogh, Luis Royo, and Glenn de Guzman, he describes his art style as a mixture of surrealism and social realism. Using oil paint as his medium, his artworks tend to go towards themes such as nature and society, focusing on social conflicts and political injustices.

Baranda admits that as an artist, he is still learning more about NFTs. But he believes that tokenizing physical art will be beneficial for artists to get their works recognized more.


Overthinking becomes a habit when we are dealing with a lot of uncertainty. We can only wish to shut out our thoughts and get in our minds. Because sometimes, the worst place you can be is in your own head.

Exploits and Effects Pre-Sale Ongoing

If you are interested in getting one of these mind-blowing artworks, you can check out ownly.market for our ongoing pre-sale! Price starts at 1 ETH.

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