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Get to Know the Gifted Artist Behind Ownly’s Titans of Industry NFT Collection!

Eugene Oligo is a talented 21-year-old Bicolano artist who uses his creativity and imagination to create mind-blowing multimedia art.

Born and raised in Albay, Eugene is one of the local artists who is making a breakthrough by being true to his core — choosing both digital and traditional medium.

He is a talented and flexible artist who made the surrealism art of our second NFT collectible entitled Titans of Industry.

We could say that he is one of the gems that we found in the local art community and we’re excited that he is the artist that we get to feature this time.

Art Style and Services

According to Eugene, he doesn’t have a specific art style but he offers a wide array of services including digital illustrations, digital painting, 2D and 3D concept art. He also makes traditional paintings and portraits.

Here are a few of his works for his local, national, and international clients:

Organization and Publications

Eugene is very passionate about cultivating the art scene in his community, as he is one of the administrators of a local art group called Guhit-Pinas Albay. His group holds events such as art jams, exhibits, and art fairs to promote local artists and their works.


Eugene’s first collaboration is with Titus pens. He was the guest artist in the Titus doodle wall art competition with other local creatives.

Eugene said that he is expecting to collaborate with more artists and brands in the future. We believe that through his work with Ownly, he will get more recognition for his craft.

Check out Eugene’s Titans of Industry Collection with Ownly here: https://ownly.io/marketplace/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eugene_dlcrx/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/eugene.delacroixii
Artstation: https://edlcrx.artstation.com/

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